Labor ensures that the self-employed must quote more to have better benefits

Labor ensures that the self-employed must quote more to have better benefits


The Secretary of State for Social Security, Octavio Granado, said Tuesday that the Government believes that the self-employed must have better benefits, because the current "are insufficient", and has made it clear that "sufficient benefits are obtained by quoting more" .

"What has much merit is that we pay better benefits having less income", Octavio has added, after stating that the Executive right now has a need, which is that of determine what the quotation of the self-employed will be in the Budgets this year.

In this line, it has made it clear that the Government guarantees that the increase in the minimum wage will not be translated "mechanically" in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA).

Thus, it has made it clear that in 2019 it will be necessary to reach an agreement whereby the self-employed quote in a "what as close as possible to your real income»So that« those who earn less contribute less and those who earn more quote more ».

As Granado has pointed out, at present the self-employed who contribute for the minimum bases at the end of their working life have pensions lower than those of the workers of the General Scheme.

"At present, the self-employed have a benefit for cessation of activity that is insufficient, in which what is paid for contribution is much higher than what is received for benefits," recalled Granado.

In this line, has indicated that the benefits for occupational contingencies are also "very insufficient" and cause that the self-employed have "a lower degree of protection in benefits of absolute permanent disability than the workers of the General Scheme."

Granado has made it clear that the self-employed will be able to decide with the Ministry the rise that seems "reasonable", but "on the basis that the system is not at a time when it can lose revenue". However, he has assured that a better cover for contingencies can be provided.

"We need the system not to lose funding and to be up to the demands of the self-employed," he stressed, after pointing out that the government wants the self-employed to have a protection system "as close as possible to the employees".

"We started a discussion process in which we are talking about reforms that will have to see the light before the presentation of the 2019 Budgets, which have to be enabled and have to be legal before January 1, 2019", added .

For his part, the president of the National Federation of Autonomous Workers' Associations (ATA), Lorenzo Amor, has stated that he is against a general rise in contributions for 75% of the self-employed.

This is what Amor pointed out in his Twitter profile, after the Secretary of State for Social Security, Octavio Granado, said that in order for the self-employed to have better benefits, they must pay more. In this line, Amor recalled that self-employed workers "already they pay enough for what they receive ».

Amor has affirmed that he shares the reduction of the quotation for the 500,000 self-employed who pay below the minimum wage. «Improve the benefit for cessation of activity it's just a necessity that it should not have an added cost for the self-employed, "Amor added.

In this line, he recalled that currently only 15% of what is collected is allocated to improve the losses by diseases. In fact, he has stated that it is another of the demands that should have been launched already. "The self-employed who remain quiet, because we will always be by his side," he added.


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