August 5, 2021

Labor ensures that high youth unemployment shows poor democratic quality

Labor ensures that high youth unemployment shows poor democratic quality

The Secretary of State for Employment, Yolanda Valdeolivas, said today that the "intolerable" rate of youth unemployment suffered by Spain "gives an idea of ​​a poor democratic quality", and has advocated finding ways to ensure that young people have the means to acquire work experience.

During the presentation of a report on labor supply and demand prepared by Infoempleo and Adecco, Valdeolivas regretted that "the job offered is not quality and does not correspond to decent jobs."

Valdeolivas has assumed that two of the main problems for the ministry led by Magdalena Valerio are the high temporality of employment and precariousness, which do not allow to create stable future prospects among workers.

As reported, the ministry has a plan to serve groups with greater difficulty to enter the labor market: young people, whose unemployment rate exceeds 35% and in some bands 50%, and the long-term unemployed.

He recalled that the Master Plan for Decent Work "has given its first fruits", thanks to the 80,000 letters recently sent to companies in which fraudulent temporality or abusive bias was suspected, among other issues.

Valdeolivas has shown its involvement with the strategy of social dialogue involving trade union and business representatives, as well as autonomous communities, to establish changes that combine the flexibility that companies need with the safety of workers.


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