Labor Calendar 2019 | The Canary Islands will have 14 holidays – The Province

Labor Calendar 2019 | The Canary Islands will have 14 holidays - The Province

The workers of the autonomous community will enjoy over the next year 2019 a total of 14 festive days. Each citizen ofArchipelagowill have a total of ten days of rest for thestate labor calendar, one more established by theAdministrationautonomic and another corresponding to the party of the island in which it resides. In addition, to those 12 free days will be added the remaining two corresponding to the parties fixed by each City Council in their respective municipality.

As you will remember, theBOEpublished at the end of October the 2019 labor calendar, which is completed in the case of the Canary Islands with the forecast that the regional executive announced in July and to which we must add those two festive days whose exact date corresponds to set the consistories.

Four of the 14 holiday days correspond to national holidays that the Autonomous Community has no power to change and which are those of theNativity of the Lord, on December 25;New Year, January 1;Work party, May 1; YNational holiday, October 12 °. In addition, four other holidays are those that were set in their day by virtue of the State's agreements with the Holy See: on April 19, by theHoly Friday; on August 15, by theAssumption of the Virgin; on November 1, byAll Saints; and on December 8, theImmaculate conception.

This last day, however, falls on a Sunday, so that the autonomies can compensate with another date of their own designation. In the case of the Canary Islands, the three dates of their own designation will be on January 7, Monday following theKings Day; on April 18,Holy Thursday; and on May 30,Canary Islands Day. However, January 7 and April 18 are actually national holidays that the regions can change for another two days but that the Canary Islands left on their calendar, with which the only party of the autonomous community proper is that of the 30th. of May. The only bridge that workers can make will be the one that allows the holiday on Friday, November 1.

As for theisland holidays, which in the seven cases correspond to the days of their respective employers, these will be on February 2 in Tenerife, on August 5 in La Palma, on October 7 in La Gomera and on days 9, 16, 20 and 24 September in Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and El Hierro. In Gran Canaria and Lanzarote will be on Monday.


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