Labor and the Autonomous Communities agree to the distribution of 2,111 million for active employment policies

New agreement of the Ministry of Labor directed by Yolanda Díaz. In this case, with the Autonomous Communities, which have unanimously supported the new strategy of active employment policies (PAE), with which Labor seeks to "modernize" these policies for the labor insertion of unemployed people and, above all, improve its effectiveness. In addition, the sectoral Labor conference held this Wednesday has distributed among the different regions the 2,111 million euros of financing for the PAE approved by the Council of Ministers a few weeks ago.

The Tax Authority questions the effectiveness of the 6,500 million that are spent on employment policies and subsidies

The Tax Authority questions the effectiveness of the 6,500 million that are spent on employment policies and subsidies

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The third vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, celebrated after the meeting the importance that "all the Communities" have endorsed "unanimously" the new active employment policies. "A country strategy has been deployed," stressed Díaz, who highlighted the need to improve the effectiveness of these policies, ineffective in many cases, as concluded by the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF).

For this, the Ministry of Labor has agreed with the Communities a new strategy, which offers a more "personalized" attention to unemployed people, with more weight of training and more "digitized", said the vice president.

On the side of transparency and the evaluation of the new SAPs, Yolanda Díaz has announced that Airef will be in charge of monitoring these policies, measuring the fulfillment of objectives based on indicators that have yet to be determined. Díaz has stressed the importance of this monitoring, which will allow "correcting the measures with the worst results" and maintaining or intensifying those that are found to be the most useful.

Another of the novelties of the new PAE is framed in this goal towards efficiency: the conditionality of an important part of the funds to the fulfillment of objectives. Looking ahead, the indicators that will condition the receipt of funds will be detailed, but for the distribution of these 2,111 million euros, conditionality on 896 million euros has already been applied, based on the Communities' compliance with the objectives of the Plans Annual Employment Policy (PAPE) of 2019 and 2020, explained the general director of SEPE, Gerardo Gutiérrez Ardoy.

In other words, the Autonomous Communities that have best met their job placement objectives of the past two PAPE are those that will have benefited from the assignment, while those that are less effective (for example, that left money from active employment policies without executing ) will have "lost" part of the funds they could have received.

Anyway, no Community will receive a lower amount compared to 2020. "Allocations increase: Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha and the Valencian Community", highlights the Ministry. The distribution by Autonomous Communities can be consulted here.

600 million for youth employment

The minister explained that, with the exception of Murcia, which voted against, the rest of the Autonomous Communities have supported the territorial distribution of 2,111 million euros. This year, the budget is much higher than in previous years, with "800 million more", which will be allocated to some of the groups most affected by the pandemic crisis.

Most of these 800 million, a total of 600 million, will go to the employability of young people. Specifically, they will "be used to serve 21,000 young people, under 30 years of age, so that they can obtain professional qualifications in strategic sectors through a training contract within the framework of the Plan to increase and improve youth employment within the framework of modernization. of Active Employment Policies ", details the Ministry. Yolanda Díaz has announced that the President of the Government will soon present the youth employment plan.

The rest, almost in equal parts, will be allocated to training actions for people in ERTE (110 million) and training actions for unemployed people in relocation processes and linked to occupations in strategic sectors highly affected by the pandemic.

In addition, the distribution of 688 million euros is still pending, from the European Plan for Transformation, Recovery and Resilience, which must be allocated in another sector conference.


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