June 21, 2021

Labor alleges that prostitutes union "covers" human trafficking | Society

Labor alleges that prostitutes union "covers" human trafficking | Society

Prostitution is not a job as an employee or can be unionized. Organizing a union of prostitutes also means, according to the Ministry of Labor, to give "formal coverage to the organization and commercial exploitation" of women subjected to networks of people trafficking and led "into a situation of slavery". These are the arguments included in the legal report on the Organization of Sex Workers Other, the first state union of prostitutes whose constitution revises this Wednesday the National Court for the demands of three associations.

The report, of 18 pages, to which EL PAÍS has had access, considers that it is an organization created "in fraud of law" for purposes other than those provided by law. Labor notes that the statutes of Others offer an "appearance of legality" that is not such. The ministry drafted this document on October 15 and sent it to the Ministry of Justice to ask the Attorney General's Office to take it to the National Court.

The constitution of this union to promote and defend people who engage in prostitution "gives formal coverage to the organization and commercial exploitation of the services of people who, in situations of vulnerability, are subjected to trafficking networks for the exercise of prostitution, victims of deception, mistreatment, coercion and violence and that imply a physical and moral degradation and lead to a situation of slavery often hidden under the appearance of other legitimate and legal businesses ". deepen the ministry in its writing.

Work considered that the judicial way is "the most viable" for the objection of the statutes of Others after they got "a goal for the squadron", as defined by the Minister of Labor, Magdalena Valerio. The Official State Bulletin collected the creation of the union and that publication It cost the post to the general director of Work Concepción Pascual. Three organizations have pushed lawsuits before the National Court to be heard on Wednesday. At the same time, feminist groups favorable to the abolition of prostitution have begun to move a manifesto with which to respond to a recent one, seconded by more than 350 women.They demand that others be allowed to function.

The statutes of Others, according to the Ministry, violate the Organic Law of Freedom of Association, articles 10 and 14 of the Constitution referring to the dignity of the person and the principle of equality, as well as the Organic Law for Effective Equality between Women and Men, approved in 2007.


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