July 6, 2020

La Voz Kids | The heartbreaking talent of Grancanaria Marta conquers 'La Voz Kids' – La Provincia

'The voice Kids'continues and this week the grancanariaMarta Berlin Talaverafaced theBattlesof the program ofAntenna 3and passed it with note.

The young island acted along with her companionsLucie LabaysYAhlam Akourrih, who interpreted a version of'Perfect'fromEd Sheeran and Beyoncé. From the first minute, the canary left a sign of the power of her voice and not only impressed her 'coach' but also the rest – Rosario, Vanesa Martín and David Bisbal.

At the end of the song, Melendihe was clear and chose Marta, which goes on to the next round as one of the favorites of the edition of this 'talent show'.

"A voice greater than it seems"

Grancanaria and 12 years, but with a voice "older than I appear". This is Marta Berlin who has surprised everyone in theBlind auditions of 'La Voz Kids'. The young woman interpreted a complicated subject in English: 'Ex's ands oh's', fromElle king.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZfyOs7oOug [/ embed]

The AsturianMelendiHe was the only one of the 'coaches' who turned for her, which is why he has automatically become the leader of his team. The young talent, very nervous has thanked the Spaniard who has turned around for her: "I will not disappoint you."

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