June 19, 2021

La Voz Kids | Canary Irene Gil wins the final of La Voz Kids – La Provincia

The TenerifeIrene Giltick the trophy of ‘The voice Kids‘which grants 10,000 euros of scholarship for musical training and also the opportunity to record a musical theme with the Universal production company.

The more than 1,000 people from the public of theGrand Final of the La Voz Kids programThey awarded the victory after the spectacular performances of the finalists.

The performance was awaste of power and spectacularthat left the set silently in both the individual performance and the one he performed with the singerDavid Bisbal. With ‘And I am telling you I’m not going‘by Jennifer Hudson, the young 12-year-old singer wanted to harness the energy of her voice with a version that left the audience shocked. ‘Noise‘It was the theme chosen to sing along with Bisbal that had to shine at the same level getting silence to the whole set.

BesideÁlvaro Soler, the special guest, changed the record and wanted the entire audience of La Voz Kids to enjoy and dance to the rhythm of ‘Crazy‘in a triumvirate of performances that led her to win the popular contest.

Irene Gil was also accompanied by her family present during the final.


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