La Villa de Teror will live this Saturday a great trail party

La Villa de Teror will live this Saturday a great trail party

The presentation of the race was held in the Plaza Sagrado Corazón de Arbejales, in Teror. / david delfour

Aguas de Teror Trail-Desafío de los Picos, with 1,441 participants, will put the Spanish Cup and the FEDME Club Championship at stake

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The Sacred Heart of Arbejales square hosted the presentation of the 12th edition of the Aguas de Teror Trail-Desafío de los Picos, a test that this year presents multiple novelties and record participation, with 1,441 registered. Teror will live a great trail party this Saturday and will put the Spanish FEDME club championship at stake, in addition to crowning the different winners of the Spanish Cup online and being part of the Canary Islands Cup.

The national and Canarian elite will meet in the queen test of 37 kilometers, which will start this Saturday at 5:15 p.m.
Adil Moussaoui is already the winner of the Spanish Cup online, but will also try to demonstrate its power in Teror. The rest of the podium is yet to be decided. Andrés García and Dimas Pereira currently occupy second and third place, respectively, but they will face tough competition.
Oswaldo Medina, from Gran Canaria, currently ninth in the table, aspires to climb positions. In the female category, the current leader of the Cup is Marta Martínez. Athletes of the stature of Raúl Ortiz, winner of the last edition, Gemma Arenas, Ohiana Kortazar or Ester Alves will be at the starting line fighting for the best.

will also be at stake
Spanish FEDME club championship, with the Carphial Teror Trail with aspirations to play a great role in both categories. The local team, and organizer of the event together with the Teror City Council, will present a powerful squad. Esteban García, Oswaldo Medina, Alberto González, Samuel Ortega, Néstor Oramas, Iván González, Jonathan Santana and José Antonio Hernández, in the men's category; and Graciela Acosta, Elsa Padrón, Loli Muñoz, Tatiana Mujica, Elba Rodríguez, Davinia Santana, Estefanía Ramos and Lucía Cardona, in the women's category, will try to get on the podiums by clubs. Remember that the first four components to cross the finish line score. The organization highlighted the participation record of this edition with more than 1,400 registered in the different modalities, a team of high-level athletes in the world of trail running.
190 athletes come from the Peninsula, about 270 come from other islands and the rest of the participants are from Gran Canaria.

Organizers and sponsors, in Arbejales. /

david delfour

Francisco Castellano, Councilor for Sports of the Cabildo, who publicly promised to correspond to this organization "as it deserves", since they have not yet received the 2021 subsidy and the 2022 is yet to be seen; the councilors of Teror, Laura Quintana and Ayraldo Montesdeoca; Mónica Nuez, president of Aguas de Teror; Rubén Domínguez, race director, and the speaker Depa offered details of an event that will start
this Thursday the Runner's Fair, with the delivery of numbers, in La Alameda from 12:00 to 20:30and that will have on Saturday night, as a culmination, the Desafío Trail Show in the Plaza de Sintes, at 11:30 p.m., after the awards ceremony.

In recent years, Teror has become a municipality dedicated to trail running, with the opening of new trails that have contributed to making the town more dynamic.
Aguas de Teror Trail-Desafío de los Picos is the icing on the cake of an enormous job carried out throughout the year by the Los Álamos-El Pino sports club, through its Carphial Teror Trail mountain section, together with the invaluable collaboration of the Teror City Council. The national attention of the trail will be on Teror this Saturday, since there is a lot at stake. The FEDME -Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports- will crown the winners of the Spanish Cup online and the champion clubs of Spain 2022 in Teror.

Saturday's intense agenda will start at 5:15 p.m. with the start of the queen test of 37 kilometers, which will be followed by the start of 29K, Promise category, at 5:35 p.m.; at 5:45 p.m. the FEDME participants in the Spanish Cup of Cadet and Youth categories will depart; at 5:50 p.m. the popular modality of 9 kilometers; 6:05 p.m. the start for the Juniors; while the last race to start will be the 18-kilometre test, at 6:15 p.m.

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