July 25, 2021

'La Vida Moderna' brings the 'coMMedia' to Gran Canaria – La Provincia

'La Vida Moderna' brings the 'coMMedia' to Gran Canaria - La Provincia

"The coMMedia it's like Shiva, you can not control it. "That concept, coined by Ignatius Farray (Granadilla de Abona, 1973) and become the new flag of the Show Modern life – after the dissolution of Moderdonia-, will disembark on January 25 at the Gran Canaria Arena. That day, without any type of contention when it comes to understanding (and doing) humor, the comedian from Tenerife, David Broncano and Quequé will perform on the Island to represent a show that, through different formats -radio, internet, Theaters-, has become a kind of homeland for all those who observe the world through hilarity.

What began in 2014 as a summer radio adventure – a program to fill gaps in the usual runway of the Cadena Ser – is today a massive phenomenon. Such is the success of the formula that the station of Prisa has assured a fixed space in its programming to the Show that on November 13 will receive the Ondas Award at Best Radio Program of 2018. Directed by David Broncano, and with Ignatius Farray and Quequé as squires, the space -which lasts approximately 50 minutes and is broadcast from Monday to Thursday- contains monologues and habitual sections in which the three comedians analyze the present in the key of humor.

The Show, in the last two years, he has made the leap from the radio to the theaters. And that is the format that on January 25 will occupy the Gran Canaria Arena -with tickets already on sale in www.mastaquilla.com at prices that range between 22 and 24 euros (without management fees) -. On the stage the monologues of the three comedians will appear, they will pull from usual sections of the program and will parade characters created by themselves as The Rancius -the youtuber that explains that phenomenon to everyone who is older than millennials– or Angry Juan Ignacio.

Modern life will bring Ignatius Farray back. The humorist Tenerife, after going through clubs and monologuistas programs, has stood out as creator and protagonist of the series The end of comedy, work for which he is nominated for an International Emmy. It is also usual to be present in Late Motiv or The resistance – Both in Movistar + -.

Of the three protagonists of the show, Broncano (Santiago de Compostela, 1985) is the one that occupies the most spaces in the media: Modern life, direct and present The resistance in Movistar + and works as a collaborator in To live that is two days -Weekend program of the Cadena Ser-. Before this boom I participate in We are nobody (M80), or Comedy club (The sixth).

More has Quequé (Salamanca, 1977), which became known, at a national level, in Comedy club. With that starting point, his career has gone through programs such as The night with Fuentes and company (Telecinco), Night Hache (Four), Open until 2 (RNE) or Crazy world (Movistar +).


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