August 12, 2020

La Vela Latina Canaria as a "unique experience" in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – La Provincia

"A centennial activity that survives time". This is how the travel blog Chavetas his article on Vela Latina Canaria, "a unique experience" in The Gran Canarian palms. The web, one of the most read travel portals in Spanish, reviews the history of these boats and their competitions on the coast of the city. And it highlights the particular charm of a unique discipline that can only be enjoyed from the capital of Gran Canaria.

"Between the months of March / April and October the trade winds reach the coast of The Gran Canarian palms, converting the so-called Field of Regatas between The Ugly Sea until the arrival line of the vicinity of the Sports Pier in an idyllic location for this unique navigation with numerous changes of intensity and direction of wind that allows strategies and maneuvers rarely seen ", highlights the report, which also describes the measures of the boats and its main characteristics.

In that time of the year, the blog points out, "the time has come for the Canarias de Vela Latina Canaria sail again, boats that at first sight are strange because of the immense size of their sails with respect to their hull. Its specific measures are of a maximum length of 6.55 meters, a beam of 2.37 meters in its widest part, a strut of 1.35 meters and a sail that exceeds 10 meters and necessarily triangular ".

How to follow the problems

Chavetas highlights how to follow the problems from the ground, it refers to enclaves such as Sailor's neighborhood of San Cristóbal, La Laja beach and Las Alcaravaneras He adds that "the days of competition, the sports dock is dressed as a party." Although the members of the boats, especially the first classified, live intensely and with competitive pique, their family and friends form the closest thing to a peña, with meals and celebrations before and after the regatta ".

The Blog remember that the fans have a bus (bus) to pick up the fans at the Sports Pier and move them to La Laja, at the height of the sculpture of El Tritón. And he says that "the regatta or hits follows a path between Maritime neighborhood of San Cristóbal and the Beach of the Alcaravaneras. This is when the boat strategy comes in, the search for different wind currents, the one that goes by land looking for luck or the one that moves away from the normal seaward route, even the one that takes advantage until the last moment of a huge ship to turn without allowing his opponent to copy the maneuver. "

In addition, Chavetas adds that "the conditions of a race course that attracts thousands of athletes every year and the increasing recovery of a sport that unleashes passions in The Gran Canarian palms makes tourism begin to form an important part to such a point of even making exhibition days with boats and wafers from other nautical destinations in Spain such as Cartagena (Murcia), Silla (Valencia) and Lanzarote ".

A prominent blog in the travel industry

Cotter pins, a blog promoted by Isaac Martín and Paula Bello since 2006, was awarded in January 2015 as the best travel blog 2015 by content by an independent jury at the FITUR International Tourism Fair. In 2014 it was designated the best tourism blog in the Social Media Festival of Galicia, and in December 2015 it was named blog of the month in Skyscanner. The newspaper El Pais has placed it as one of the 20 most influential travel blogs in Spanish in 2019. Already in 2017 the same header included it among the 25 most read travel blogs in Spain.

Chavetas, which brings together about 100,000 followers on their social networks, is also included in the Travel Inspirers collective, along with blogs El Pachinko, La Viajera Empedernida, 1,000 sites to see, Viajablog, Guías Viajar, El Rincón de Sele and A tomar by world. Several of these bloggers have visited Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in recent years, spreading among its large audience the main attractions of the city as an urban tourist destination.

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