Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

'La Vanguardia' today organizes the first debate of candidates for Barcelona

‘La Vanguardia’ organiza hoy el primer debate de candidatos por Barcelona

The electoral appointment of April 28 will draw a new political map in which the result in Catalonia will once again have a decisive importance. For that reason, The vanguard has convened Wednesday in the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) to the list heads by the constituency of Barcelona to discuss the challenges of the next legislature. The appointment is restricted but may follow live on the web of The vanguard
after 6 pm

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The official internet market meter in Spain, comScore, registered last January 21 million unique users on the web of The vanguard, which is the undisputed leader in Catalonia and third in the global calculation of media in Spain.

'The vanguard'

Debate in three thematic blocks

The participants will be the candidates for Barcelona of the political forces that obtained representation in the previous general elections. This will be attended by the head of the list of En Comú Podem, Jaume Asens; Gabriel Rufián, number two by ERC, on behalf of Oriol Junqueras; Laura Borràs, number two of JxCat, on behalf of Jordi Sànchez; Meritxell Batet, by the PSC; Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, on behalf of the PP, e Inés Arrimadas as a candidate for Citizens. All of them have responded with interest to the unpublished call of The vanguard. The meeting has aroused much expectation both among the Catalan media and the rest of Spain.

The newspaper has raised the debate in three thematic blocks in which the candidates have the opportunity to make an initial shift to move on to the discussion of their respective proposals.

The first block is dedicated exclusively to the political conflict in the Catalonia-Spain relationship, to then give way to a second block in which issues of economic and social policy are addressed, with an emphasis on employment policies, access to housing, as well as in the evolution of the economy. The third block is devoted to taking the pulse of issues such as the fight against inequalities, especially feminist demands; the debate on abortion, the integration of immigration or the transfer of the remains of Franco from the Valley of the Fallen.

Finally, the candidates have a final turn to defend their candidacy for April 28.

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