La Sexta travel supplement highlights Canarian Latin Sailing

One of the images from the La Sexta article

One of the images from the La Sexta article
The province

La Vela Latina Canaria continues to increase its visibility, as one of the great unique attractions of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The publication Viajestic, of La Sexta, has published this week an extensive report dedicated to autochthonous sport, in its Sports Tourism section. Under the title "Canarian Latin Sailing, a sport with a denomination of origin", this head is the last to echo the peculiarity of this type of sailing, "exclusive" of the city.

In a report signed by Áine Díaz, Viajestic explains that "what distinguishes this sport from others has a lot to do, if not everything, with the boats; the boats that participate in the Canarian Latin Sailing competitions are characterized by having a sail that is twice its length, in addition they sail upwind and zigzag ".

The article emphasizes the peculiarity of a sport "that raises passions in Las Palmas and that attracts many tourists who enjoy the beauty in spring and summer watching the navigation of these imposing boats." And he points out how Latin Sailing competitions are protagonists on the city's waterfront on Spring and Summer weekends.

Díaz emphasizes that "the disproportion between the length and the sail of these boats is what makes them so difficult to handle and what also makes watching them sail a show." Something that, it is added, "is not only at sea", since "fans of this sport tend to follow either by bus or in their own car, the advance of the boats, they do so by traveling along the Avenida Marítima and forming thus a multi-colored row that fills the capital of Gran Canaria with life ".

The report recalls that the Latin Candle already has more than a hundred years of history, and that since then "it has not lost an iota of its charm." In addition, it encourages sailing enthusiasts to discover Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and these unique competitions on its seafront.


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