'La Ruta' expands in Valencia

'La Ruta' expands in Valencia

The Serie 'La Ruta' continues filming in the city of Valencia after having spent the month of January recording in various towns in Ribera and Camp de Turia. The production was filming this Monday in the Akuarela parking lot, where the old ACTV nightclub was.

The filming caught the attention of hundreds of curiouss, since this area of ​​the Paseo de la Malva-rosa traveled back in time to be between the 80s and 90s, when the well-known 'Ruta del bakalao' took place. And it is that the shooting set was made up of dozens of cars of the time. During yesterday's shoot, various people dressed in leather, Lois jeans and bomber jackets participated. The intention was to record a party scene in the disco parking lot in broad daylight.

The filming of the series, this Monday, in the Malva-rosa. abel lacomba

The cast is made up of Ricardo Gómez ('Tell me how it happened'), Àlex Monner ('Red Bracelets'), Elísabet Casanovas ('Merlí'), Claudia Salas ('Elite') and Guillem Barbosa ('I'm looking for her'). The series is produced by filmmaker Rodrigo Sorogoyen's audiovisual company, Caballo Films.

Filming began last January.. Since then, the team has been seen in various places in the province, such as the Restaurant l'Alter de Picassent, where the actresses Elisabet Casanovas and Claudia Salas ate, among others. The leading actors have also been seen in the center of Valencia, such as Àlex Monner who was seen in the Plaza de la Virgen.

Filming will last until spring. It will take place mainly in the towns of the Ribera Baixa, where the largest number of discos adhered to this cultural phenomenon congregated.

Atresmedia has given more details about the synopsis of the series in recent weeks: «'La Ruta' recounts the more than ten years that València spent dancing; a few years that we would all like to live and that only a few can remember. 30 kilometers. 12 years. 7 nightclubs. 5 friends. Nobody stop dancing. 'La Ruta' is the journey of a group of friends from El Perelló, from their farewell in a crowded Ruta Destroy, in 1993, until the day they entered Barraca for the first time, in 1981, when both they and "the party" they still preserved their innocence. 'La Ruta' recounts the more than ten years that Valencia spent dancing, a few years that we would all like to live and that only a few can remember».

The Valencian Borja Soler is the director of the series, and one of the founders of Caballo Films. Along with Sorogoyen, he directed 'Stockholm' (2013), the film that catapulted the filmmaker from Madrid to fame, as he won the Goya award and the Feroz award for best drama. Since then, the Valencian has directed two shorts, 'Now we will be happy' (2018), 'Snorkel' (2019) and 'Mindanao' (2021), as well as some episodes of the Movistar + series 'Anti-riot'. 'La Ruta' is the first audiovisual project in which he appears both at the controls of the camera and of history.

The production has undergone an intense casting process in the province of Valencia to hire some 4,000 extras, as well as owners of vintage cars.

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