February 25, 2021

La Rioja closes all non-essential activity and confines its municipalities

The Government of La Rioja has agreed this Wednesday to close all non-essential premises, establishments, services and activities from January 22 to February 23; and the perimeter confinement of all its 174 municipalities, except to go shopping, to work, to health and educational centers and to take care of people who need it, among others.

The president of the regional government, Concha Andreu, the Minister of Health, Sara Alba; and the general director of Public Health, Pello Latasa, have detailed, in an informative round, these “severe measures, with an impact on the social and educational sphere”, which they do not wish to adapt, but which are “absolutely necessary to re-control the disease”.

“We have to stay at home and limit social contact to the bare minimum,” insisted Andreu, for whom, at the moment, the levels of incidence of coronaviorus in La Rioja are “dramatic”, the rate of infection in infections is ” alarming “and those of pressure on the sanitary system are” unsustainable “.

These measures have been adopted in light of the “serious” evolution of the epidemiological situation in the region and he has affirmed that experience has shown that the drastic reduction of mobility and social interactions is “the only effective way to reduce the rate of transmission of the disease. The only way. ”

Since last day 16, the hospitality industry and establishments with non-essential activity close at 5 pm in La Rioja, a community that maintains a perimeter closure until the next day 31, as well as Logroño and the municipalities of its metropolitan area of ​​Lardero and Villamediana; and has a limitation of meetings to 4 people in the case of non-cohabitants.


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