April 19, 2021

La Regenta rescues the industrial heritage in'La souvenir factory' – La Provincia

La Regenta rescues the industrial heritage in'La souvenir factory' - La Provincia

The art center inaugurates a unique exhibition with 58 pieces that document the industrial revolution in the Islands

The art center La Regenta, in the Gran Canaria capital, inaugurates its exhibition calendar in 2019 with the project Souvenir factory A project that opens to the public this Friday, February 15, at 20.30 and will remain on display until April 6, which curated by Amara Florido brings together 58 pieces from 36 institutions, companies and individuals, adding a whole weight of almost seven tons installed through the exhibition speech in the halls of The Regent, making visible the unique elements of the cultural heritage of industrialization in the Canary Islands.

This exhibition formulates the disclosure of an unknown and undervalued part of our historical heritage. Miguel Ángel Clavijo, general manager of the area, argues that, "the industrial landscape is an exceptional historic resource to be reused, regenerating communities, and a reminder of how today's world came to be as it is, when the industry employed entire communities and was the driving force for many cities and towns. "

The exhibition itinerary is structured in five areas: Between aromas and flavors; Cornered workshops, forgotten trades; In good ink; Silence, camera and Action!; Y Let there be light, with the aim of making visible the unique elements of the cultural heritage of industrialization in the Canary Islands.

The exhibits are complemented by video pieces with spectacular images recorded with drone, in 4K, of the sets and singular spaces of industrial character of the islands, inviting the viewer to a visual trip from the air to contemplate salt works, sugar mills, factories , warehouses, jetties, mills, water elevators, as well as films from the archive of Film library Canaria on different aspects of industrial archeology.

The artists Luna Beongoechea Y Free Wall (Esther Azpeitia Y Mercedes Gómez) present in this exhibition personal and current views on different aspects of Industrial Heritage under the prism of contemporary creation. The two pieces of Bengoechea, Grinder Machine Y Corn Seller, they make reference to the process of transformation of the resources of nature thanks to the technological development of the beginning of the century. On the other hand, the work of Free Wall (Azpeitia Y Gómez), The art of walking, proposes through appropriationism different ways of relating to the territory and linked to the landscape, establishing new readings and aesthetic reflections thanks to the use of materials from traditional carpentry.

The old and obsolete machinery, tools and mechanical devices, become museum pieces, testimonies of the world of work, economic and technical activity of a past not so distant in time. One hundred and seventy years after the first exhibition on industries in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Canary Islands Government offers an exhibition that includes the most representative elements of the industrial heritage (furniture and property) of the Archipelago. In this way, the specificities of the islands, the symbols of identity of each society are made known, while at the same time giving a tribute to the industrialists and entrepreneurs who laid the foundations on which a large part of our present reality has been built. .

"Significant fact has been, without doubt, the inclusion of" industrial heritage "as a new figure for the protection of the cultural heritage of the Canary Islands, within the partial modification of the Law of Historical Heritage of the Canary Islands of the year 1999. In the latter case, the industrial remains existing in the Canaries of the 19th and 20th centuries are worthy of protection. This last one supposes an undoubted step forward in the policies of valuation of the industrial patrimony like integral part of the patrimony of Canaries ", concludes Miguel Ángel Clavijo.


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