La Regenta dedicates its new exhibitions to the Canarian artists Maribel Nazco and Alicia Pardillo

From left to right, the artists Alicia Pardillo and M

aribel Nazco, in the artistic space of La Regenta

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The works 'I am born. Retrospective (1961-2021)' and 'Salvar la intemperie_Call Center' open this Friday and until next July 2, starting at 8:30 p.m., the new artistic space

Caroline German

The La Regenta Art Center, in its
35th anniversarypresents the
retrospective exhibition dedicated to the work of the palm artist Maribel Nazco (Canary Islands Fine Arts Award in 2021) and the exhibition
'Save the weather_Call Center'by Alicia Pardillo from Gran Canaria, produced in the context of the post-pandemic, showing the emotional disorders and gaps in human relations produced as a result of the experience lived in these last two years of living with the health crisis.

“They are two different generations, but both
invite us to a reflection of our own existence”, added the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Canarian Government, Juan Márquez, during the presentation of the exhibitions held this morning at the aforementioned art center in the capital of Gran Canaria.

Among the selected works of Nazca,
his first paintings are found, with overtones of abstraction, made as a member of the Nuestro Arte group, such as the work Ropa tendida (1966) with which he won the "Miguel Tarquis" Honor Award and which marks a turning point in his career. Also included are his metallic assemblages (pieces of a sculptural-pictorial nature made between 1968 and 1983) or the most representative works of his artistic creation from this period, such as the series Cuerpos.

«I was surprised by the exhibition at La RegentaIt is a miracle that Alejandro's team has taken such a big turn and is now able to share this blessed love for culture with us", confessed Nazco during the opening ceremony.

The palm artist confesses that his career is the result of a "titanic" effort. “My work has always been experimental. In Madrid I adapted to the academic but when I returned to the islands, to get out of that academic illusionism, I looked for other realities”, added the artist.

«Isidro has given me a third life and has scrambled all my schemes. I let myself be tempted by his surrealism, and I who
I'am a little crazyI have been carried away to the Regent », Nazco sincerely.

I also know
exhibit pieces of his subsequent return to painting in the early 1980s, with the representation of metal objects from the
urban iconography, such as Violence and Disaster (1985) or Yellow Bucket (1995). In addition, a selection of photographs and documents belonging to the Nazco Documentary Fund and Archive is included.

“Nazco has starred in one of the most intense experiences of his generation. The work of him of his involves a surprised look.
Bet on experimentation. In his career, there is a wide variety of proposals that begins with the experimentation of metals in the 80s to painting, ending in 2021," said Isidro Hernández, curator of the Nazco exhibition.

For her part, Alicia Pardilla, through
'site-specific' configures an interactive space that deals with the need to create support networks to mitigate the wave of mental health problems. The installation of a switchboard for real and anonymous phone calls around mental health, will allow viewers to immerse themselves in a space of intimacy and listening, during the two months of the exhibition period, will be part of its creation.

«The project starts from a personal concern. Emotional disorders have always been there, but in these last two years of the pandemic they have increased considerably, "said Pardillo.

Saving the weather proposes a rapprochement with the
states of vulnerability of the human being and give visibility to the isolation derived from the pandemic context and the individualism produced by the excessive use of technology.

Pardillo's essay
reflect on ways to act that we currently have”, added Alejandro Vitaubet, director of the exhibition space.

For the creation of the piece, three telephone lines have been made available to make the calls that will be answered by
24 volunteers for one hour a day, under the supervision of the artist Pardillo, with the aim of achieving "active listening" between the caller and the person who answers the call.

To participate in this anonymous facilityit is possible to make a call to the lines 667 396 02, 677 339 131 and 667 275 389, from Tuesday to Friday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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