July 25, 2021

La Real returns to score against a Madrid that lacks a goal

The Real society scored again before Real Madrid, although this time he only took one point, in a I find it very even that could fall for either team if he had mediated a bit of success in the last meters.

Three victories in the five games that have been played in the last two years served as a warning for the team of Zinedine Zidane, than dominated the first 45 minutes but lacked the final shot again.

The set was very alive to be the first for the whites and the second for the San Sebastian, there were clear occasions to have unbalanced the score in favor of the locals, with Alex Isak and Barrenetxea, and also for the Madridistas, in boots of Karim Benzema and Toni Kroos they were met with opposition from an excellent Remiro.

David Silva, in the second half, returned ten years later to The league Although he accused the lack of rhythm and Zidane changed half an attack in the 69th minute to go for the victory, but the Real defended themselves with order in defense of a valuable point that both seemed to be good.


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