September 21, 2020

La Polica intervenes with a collaborator of Slvame in a tense moment – La Provincia

The eyes of all the spectators of the Save Me program are these days on a young man who was once a collaborator of the house and who is currently one of Mediaset Spain's best-known faces for having gone through several programs of the heart and reality shows: Antonio Tejado. It seemsthe police had to intervene with this television face after he starred in an incident with other young people with whom he would have met on the street.

The versions about what happened differ. While the young man himself says that he went to rescue his sentimental partner who was being harassed by these teenagers, the unbelievers themselves maintain that it was the girlfriend of Tejado who was having a bad time. "The girlhe got to tell the kids to leave him, that it was better if they let him be because if things were going to get a lot uglier", one of Sálvame's collaborators explained this afternoon.

The afternoon program of Telecinco dedicated much of its programming today to follow the case. Antonio Tejado starred during his time by Big Brother Vip another of the most popular Romans of the year to get to maintain two sentimental relationships within the most guarded house of television in Spain.However, neither went well.Roof would now be trying to recover his life and take a new turn to his sentimental situation.

Save me, meanwhile, has seen its broadcast time increase in recent days. The reason? The suspension of Pasapalabra the hour before the news of Pedro Piqueras forced last week to intervene the programmers of the chain.

And there was not much to think about. Directly expanded Save me for another hour. And the Save Me Banana format was created. The audience data was not bad but the change meant, yes, aimportant descent of spectators in the news of the night of Telecinco, that yes he lived the consequences of the change and that for a few days he is falling in audience levels.


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