La Pedrera will host the second 080 from tomorrow in fully digital format

Barcelona, ​​Apr 25 (EFE) .- The 27th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion kicks off this Monday with La Pedrera as the new setting for a catwalk that, due to the pandemic, will once again be one hundred percent digital, as it already happened in September , which has implied recording the presentation of the proposals days before and without an audience.

The director of the 080, Marta Coca, explained to Efe that the "fashion films" recorded a few days ago allow "a more cinematic story" that "brings" the work of the designers to the potential public around the world, and paradoxically teaches the collections to the viewer in a more "real and physical" way.

"What digital allows is to bring the details closer through cameras. In addition, digital allows you to show the work behind the models, put it in value, and since everything happens on the internet it also allows the 080 itself to be internationalized much more", has added.

Regarding the change of space - in recent editions the 080 had been celebrated in the modernist Sant Pau site - Coca has pointed out that the shortage of tourists has been used as "an opportunity" to be in the framework of Gaudí's La Pedrera, another emblematic place of the city to show the world.

The motto of this 080, "Undress your mind" (Undress your mind), once again affects the values ​​of the Barcelona catwalk such as innovation, creativity and sustainability.

The designers have been able to choose in which space in La Pedrera they displayed their designs, including the house of the time that is preserved on the fourth floor. Makeup and hairdressing spaces have been arranged in the auditorium.

Coca has pointed out that the philosophy behind the designers' proposals is the "common denominator" of wanting to wake up after the long slumber of the pandemic, of celebrating again and dressing for it.

In this sense, he has given as an example the collection "Wake up world" by Custo, which will be shown on Wednesday, April 28.

Regarding the trends that we can expect, "more than colors or silhouettes, we must pay attention to the fact that all the 'less' appear strongly as a trend:' sizeless', 'seasonless',' genderless, etc.", he said about the prevailing will of designing in recent times without attending to seasons, sizes or specific gender.

In total, there are twenty-two designers and fashion brands, including half a dozen newcomers, who will be between April 26 and 29 showing their proposals on the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk, the fashion contest promoted by the Generalitat through the Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion (CCAM).

On the menu will be consolidated firms such as Custo, Lola Casademunt by Maite, Menchen Tomas, Txell Miras, Escorpión or Eñaut, as well as newcomers such as Álvaro Calafat, Antonio Marcial or Paola Molet.

As in previous editions, the unit of seasonal proposals has been broken to show and you will be able to see spring summer collections but also autumn winter, in addition to sneaking more and more garments valid both for inside and outside the home. And it is that the sales of garments "to be at home" have skyrocketed in recent months.

Another point in common of many proposals in this 080, as it has been happening in recent years, are sustainable fabrics and even kilometer 0, as opposed to low-quality fashion and highly polluting mass consumption in its production and distribution that emerged during the first decade of the 2000s.


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