May 29, 2020

La Paz records clashes between like-minded and opposing Evo Morales

The center of La Paz records local time tonight clashes between defenders and detractors of the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, with police charges to disperse both sides.

The clashes began the passage of a march called by civic groups to request the resignation of the president, who is accused of electoral fraud in the elections of October 20.

The march, in which many university students participated, crossed with groups similar to the president near where the headquarters of the Bolivian Government is located, before which groups of miners, workers and peasants held a vigil in support of Morales.

Some of the protesters exchanged stones and sticks, until the arrival of the Police to disperse them and establish a security cord between both sides.

These incidents occur in the same area where on Thursday of last week there were clashes between the president and the Police, who used tear gas to disperse the violent.

The Ombudsman of Bolivia called in a statement to "calm down" in the face of "growing conflict" in the country.

"We are seeing with extreme concern, with extreme pain the confrontation between civilians," he warned.

"We are attentive to the consequences that today's clashes will have," he concluded.

The protests have been going on for more than two weeks in Bolivia after opposition and civic movements denounced fraud in the counting of votes in favor of the president, to whom the electoral body won for a fourth consecutive term.

The mobilizations were especially violent last week, with two dead in clashes between like-minded and contrary to the president, although the tension seemed to have subsided since then.

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