March 9, 2021

La Palma premieres an unpublished album by Montserrat Caballé recorded in Armenia

The daughter of Montserrat Caballé, also the soprano Montserrat Martí, attended yesterday in La Palma the national premiere of The island of Christianity: Armenia and Artsaj, which her mother recorded in 2013 during a visit to this enclave, cradle of the Christian faith since the 1st century.

The presentation of this record work was made at the Teatro Circo de Marte in Santa Cruz de La Palma by the Starmus Festival, since its director, the astrophysicist Garik Israelian, is also the executive producer of the record.

Montserrat Caballé visited Artsaj and Armenia in 2013, where churches, monasteries and sanctuaries were built since the 1st century thanks to the direct work of the apostles Thaddeus and Bartolomeo and their disciples, and it has an important thousand-year-old religious heritage, the object of pilgrimage of many faithful, as was the great Spanish soprano. Caballé’s visit to Armenia and Artsakh was an exceptional event for the Armenian people, the first Christian nation in the world to inhabit the small Republics of Armenia and Artsakh.

Montserrat Caballé reflected on that experience “expressing ideas full of wisdom, integrity and serenity”, which have also been recorded and will be published for the first time in a special edition of this album.

During the presentation his daughter, the soprano Montserrat Martí, performed several pieces from the album. Christians have historically been persecuted and harassed in the region of the Artsakh Republic, a situation that continues due to the conflict in the Upper Karabakh region.

The president of the Cabildo de La Palma, Mariano H. Zapata, the insular councilor for Culture, Jovita Monterrey, and the deputy mayor of Santa Cruz de La Palma, Juan José Neris, also took part in the presentation of the album. The opportunity that the holding of this event represents for the island, which helps to position La Palma on the national cultural scene.


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