July 24, 2021

La Naval de Sestao extinguishes its 177 jobs in the liquidation process | Economy

La Naval de Sestao extinguishes its 177 jobs in the liquidation process | Economy

The process seems unstoppable. A year ago, La Naval de Sestao filed a bankruptcy petition with a hole of 150 million and this morning the bankruptcy administrator has notified the committee that, within the process of judicial liquidation of the firm, the termination of the 177 labor contracts begins. If the company closes, it would be necessary to add those who are on the payroll -of whom 150 are guaranteed to return to Navantia- between 2,000 and 4,000 who work in auxiliary companies that contract with La Naval. The liquidation of the shipyard will put an end to an emblematic company that for decades was one of the engines of Bizkaia's growth.

A news that not least expected has fallen like a jug of cold water between employees and public representatives who are still looking for an investor to paralyze the process. But it is complicated. Almost at the time that the bankruptcy administrator announced the start-up of the ERE for the extinction of jobs, the Minister of Economic Development and Competitiveness, Arantxa Tapia, assured that "at the moment there is no white blackbird" that wants to invest and become charge of the template as to draw the contest.

The works council has rushed to issue a note in which it demands public administrations to "rescue the shipyard", even knowing that community regulations prevent such a maneuver. For the moment, one of the few temporary options is for Van Oord to finish the dredge Alexia, which is being built at the shipyard, although it seems unlikely that it will move forward. The general secretary of the committee, Juanjo Llordén, has assured that both the general manager and the administrator have informed them that, after meeting last Tuesday with representatives of the ministry, "they did not detect any intention of helping to give guarantees to the Van Oord shipowner. that can continue with the construction of the dredge in the shipyard with guarantees ", one of the premises to avoid the closure of La Naval.

The management will present the extinction ERE "before the end of the month" and withdraw it only if an investor emerges during the period of consultations with the workers and processing of the file, that is, between a month and a half and two months. The works council blames the management of Ingeteam and Astilleros Murueta, the main shareholders of the current situation. "They are the ones who in the end with their management errors and their strategies are going to let a shipyard die", union sources have assured.

The Dutch shipowner put as a condition to continue with the construction of the dredge the entry of a securities investor. "At that point, he remarked that" nobody can be taken for not warned because this was coming a long time ago. When Van Oord began to make mistakes, we saw that we were going to liquidation, yes or yes, "said Llordén, although he understood that" he wants to make sure that if he did the dredge, someone would secure the financing; but who supports it? that has to come out either from the banks or from the governments. "

The committee has called a demonstration for the afternoon of Wednesday in Sestao and has again called on the public to join the march to be held in Sestao against the closure of the shipyard and in demand for solutions to ensure the viability of the company. The march leaves at six-thirty in the afternoon of La Naval de Sestao and will conclude before the City Council of this town, whose Board of Spokesmen approved on Monday an institutional declaration of support for the shipyard and the march on Wednesday. This demonstration will not be the only mobilization planned for this week, since on Thursday the workers will return to the Basque Parliament coinciding with the debate of a proposed law not EH Bildu and Elkarrekin Podemos sobre la Naval and, like last Friday, they will be concentrated outside the Basque Chamber. to

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