La Liga, a regular trainers crusher

La Liga, a regular trainers crusher

"The coaches are alone," said Guardiola when asked about the dismissal of Mourinho at United. But in some Leagues they are more alone than in others. Maybe in Spain, for example, they are more unprotected than in England or in Germany. Yesterday the sixth dismissal in the Santander League was consummated: Real Sociedad stopped counting on Garitano, its big bet this summer in order to take a leap forward. For the coach was to move from Leganés to a set with more aspirations. It lasted 178 days and, like the other five technicians, it does not arrive in January.

One of the usual phrases of Spanish football in September, after a couple of bad results, is that a coach is not going to eat nougat. Because it happens too often that when two months have passed, summer projects no longer seem like such good ideas. There is urgency and patience does not always seem the best recipe. Or at least, in Spain they believe in it less than in other football cultures. In the Premier, Fulham threw Jokanovic out; Southampton fired Mark Hughes at the beginning of December and United to Mourinho a few days ago. Three changes In Germany, Stuttgart stopped trusting Tayfun Korkut after seven games and Leverkusen just fired Heiko Herrlich, despite being ninth. Only two changes.

Do we have to put up with or need an impulse to change the dynamics of the teams? Nobody has the answer. Did Real Madrid do badly by throwing Benítez and signing Zidane in January 2016?

The decisions depend on the competition, but also on the aspirations of the teams. Although the impression is that in Spain, but also in Italy, you have the idea that relieving the coach will serve to change the situation. And to endure it, however, is to waste time. Last year, before Christmas, Primera's teams had already fired seven coaches; six two years ago; five three seasons ago. That is to say, it is a habitual constant in our football that before Christmas 30% of the teams have fired the coach. "But the time for only the coaches to fall is over. It's good that we only pay for ourselves. Players should know that if they do not do things right, their job is also in danger, "said Paco Jémez last year when he signed Las Palmas. He was the third coach. He descended.

The Huesca was the first to pull the trigger this season. The newly promoted had hired Leo Franco after the departure of Rubi. "The root had to be cut and life goes on," they said from the Huesca club to justify their goodbye. It was day 8 and the Huesca was the last. In day 17 is still the bottom and worse average points per game than before.

In the Madrid they considered that with Lopetegui they were not going to obtain the marked objectives and the memory of the change with Zidane, in addition, was present. The arrival of Solari has been an important variation. With Julen on the bench, Real Madrid had added 1.40 points per game. With the new tenant of the bench carries 2.50. He has only lost one match of the six of the League.

Berizzo fell Athletic when the club was installed in the relegation posts. And Calleja was fired from Villarreal after losing at home against Celta de Cardoso. Before, the Galician team had thrown to his big bet, Mohamed, on day 12: "If I knew I was going to be judged on the fourth or fifth date I would not have come," he said, as if he did not know that a coach is always alone .


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