La Islea is the best family business in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

La Islea is the best family business in the Canary Islands - La Provincia

The Island, with businessman Andrés Megías at the helm, was made this Friday withAward for the Best Canarian Family Company2019 awarded by the Family Business Association of the Canary Islands (EFCA). The businessman, who received the award in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium from the president of the regional government,Fernando Clavijo, made a detailed review of the trajectory of La Isleña, founded in 1870. "Here it is, alive and kicking, old on the outside and modern inside," he said. For Megías, "the biggest challenge in the management of the family business is the management of emotions". "A family business is not a common heritage, it is a legacy that we should try to transmit in a corrected and augmented version," he stressed.

La Isleña is a family business founded by Gabriel Megías Santana and with 149 years of history behind him. The society started manufacturinggofioand then he concentrated his production on chocolate and pasta. Located in the Gran Canaria municipality of Arucas, La Isleña sells on all the islands and is a leader in the marketing of pasta and sauces. In addition, the company also produces a breakfast product based on cocoa and gofio.

The president of EFCA and in turn CEO of the Montesano Group, Carmen García Pascual, stressed that entrepreneurship is key to the prosperity of the Islands. "García Pascual reminded that it is not necessarily the family entrepreneur who wins the most," but always he is the one who risks the most and the one who works the hardest. "Without companies and without entrepreneurs, the economy and the welfare society, as we know it, would collapse," he emphasized.

Clavijo said, meanwhile, that "the history of effort and work of family businesses plays a large part in the history of our people", while stressing that "the success of these companies is a success of all the Canaries that have participated in them. " Clavijo took the opportunity to cite the investment that the regional Executive has allocated to support the growth of companies between 2016 and 2018, of more than 20 million. The funds have been allocated, he said, for the development of 970 business projects related to the creation of new businesses, the execution of projects linked to better production processes, the application of new technological development equipment or the obtaining of quality certifications.

The Award for the Best Canarian Family Company is an award that the Association of Family Business of the Canary Islands gives each year to recognize the business career of companies of family origin. EFCA promotes cooperation between Canarian family businesses, highlighting the economic and social function of entrepreneurship in a modern society and making known its importance as a source of wealth, employment and progress in the Islands since it was established in 1999. The organization It is integrated into the Institute of Family Business at the state level.

Currently, 39 companies are associated in EFCA and come from all sectors representative of the economy of the Canary Islands. Together they contribute more than 5% of regional GDP and generate more than 850,000 direct jobs in the archipelago. At a national level, these companies are responsible for the creation of 66.7% of private employment (without including self-employed workers), which is equivalent to 6.58 million jobs.
The president of Cajasiete, Fernando Bergé, sponsor of the event, and entrepreneur Juan Suárez, creative director of Aristocrazy, were also present at the award ceremony.


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