April 22, 2021

La ilusin sonre in San Telmo – The Province

The San Telmo park in the capital of Gran Canaria will host next Saturday the celebration of the First Fair for Childhood Cancer Research. It is an initiative of the Canarias Platform United for a Smile, which has been constituted thanks to the union of a list of associations that fight against this pathology. The event aims to raise funds for research and give visibility to childhood oncological diseases.

A few paint shops, Ingenious choreographies and fun performances of magicians and clowns will be just some of the activities that will occupy the San Telmo Park of the capital of Gran Canaria on Saturday, February 15, in the framework of the celebration of the I Fair for Cancer Research Childish. It is an initiative of the Canarias Unida por una Sonrisa platform, which arises thanks to the alliance of seven associations that fight to make this pathology visible and raise funds for research.

“We have been working in isolation for a long time and we do not have any kind of subsidy to meet our objectives. For this reason, we believe that together we can raise our voice to help us, since, without resources, it is impossible to achieve goals”, explained yesterday the event organizer of the aforementioned group, Domingo Macías, during the presentation of this activity, which took place at the Pepe Dámaso Cultural Center.


Under the motto Keep adding and spread over different stands, the organizers will be able to offer information to the families that attend this appointment that will begin at 10.00 and will conclude at 20.00 with a performance by a children’s choir, which will sing to children affected by this disease. “We want to send a message of hope to shed a small light on the families and children who are in the Maternal. Without a doubt, it will be a very happy day,” Violeta Rodríguez, president of the Canarian platform, said excitedly.

For his part, Doramas Aparicio, founder of Proyecto Ancor – who owes his name to his son – said that he will focus his efforts on raising funds to fight against neuroblastoma, a very aggressive and common cancer in childhood, which affects nerve tissue and It can spread through different parts of the body.

“I am the father of an affected child and what we intend is to contribute our grain of sand to publicize this disease. Right now, we are working with more than eight projects in the Peninsula dedicated to the investigation of symptomatology and new therapies” , he held firmly. To later add that, “we are facing one of the most aggressive tumors that exist and the population has to be aware that children are suffering from causes that could be avoided.”

It should be noted that in the Canaries United for a Smile, in addition to the Ancor Project, the Magic Estrellita de Yenedara, The Magic Begins With You – from the Alejandro Da Silva Foundation -, Walking, It was Time, the Mapfre Foundation and Happy with Noses are integrated . “Our purpose is that that day the San Telmo Park becomes a place of dissemination that allows families to exchange experiences in positive,” noted Macías.

In this way, the parents of children affected by some type of cancer disease will have the possibility to solve many doubts and know data that may be very useful in the future.

It should be noted that the Platform barely meets six months of travel, but their desire to continue growing is as great as the effort they have put into the development of the fair to be held this weekend. “We are open for other associations to join us. The more we are, the more forces we will join to fight this disease,” Rodriguez said.


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