October 26, 2020

La Gran Canaria Big Band offers a show from home – La Provincia

With the title of “Eccentric Habanera“the most eccentric of the habaneras, the Gran Canaria Big Band together with the Cuyás Theater They wanted to join this cultural movement that takes place from home in these moments of confinement. In this way, the public of the Theater and the followers of the brand new Canarian formation, will be able to enjoy a nice video in which the components recreate this theme with an eccentricity typical of the circumstances in which it has taken each component in this time of confinement. .

The recording has been a challenge, since not all the members had the best technical and instrumental resources at the time when the alarm state took place. There are some anecdotes such as the simulation using a carafe of water to obtain the sound of the congas and bongos, characteristic of a Habanera; This has given the video an extra creativity that with the production work has been palliated in a surprising way, since the acoustic and image quality achieved is at the height of what is expected from a group of these characteristics such as the GRAN CANARIA BIG BAND.

The Cuyás Theater, has joined this initiative, as it should not be forgotten that the Gran Canaria Big Band has been a resident group for more than 10 years in this venue with its traditional Christmas concerts; and in this way they join efforts so that the public can enjoy initiatives of this type from their homes.

Sebastián Gil, director artistic group, invites that culture does not decline in these new times; that we reinvent ourselves and adapt to new circumstances but always protecting an essential sector in the lives of people and highly valued in our region, a great consumer of cultural content.


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