Sat. Nov 16th, 2019

La garrafal misspelling in ‘The 2 News’

It shouldn't happen but occasionally it happens … in absolutely all media. And is that the
spelling mistakes
They are, unfortunately, the order of the day. What happens is that there are rabbits, faults and spelling mistakes as the one that could be seen in the informative of The 2 News. The chain, like every night, superimposed on the screen the dates where the guests of that night would act, but the stir began when the name of Majorca It appeared misspelled.

In the label in question you could see “Palma de Mayorca”(Instead of Palma de Mallorca), a mistake that has already gone viral.

Certainly, there are failures and failures. But that in an informative space a mistake is made so that it has not gone unnoticed by the spectators. It happened when the screen appeared overprinted the dates on which the group La Bien Querida would act in the coming days. The guests acted in The 2 News to present ‘Strength’ and during the realization of it it was possible to see the following: "November 22 (Palma de Mayorca)".

That “Mayorca” instead of “Mallorca” It caught the attention of numerous spectators powerfully. And it is that a spelling error of these characteristics could not go unnoticed in networks.

Moment when the garrafal is missing spelling in La 2 Noticias

Moment when the garrafal is missing spelling in La 2 Noticias

They have been here where the comments have multiplied mainly indicating the lack of a “proofreader” of texts for this type of case. Not to mention a pain of "eyes" before such an abysmal and basic failure.

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