La Galera Saro Len to be present at Art Paris - The Province

La Galera Saro Len to be present at Art Paris - The Province

The Culture Department of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria promotes the presence of three artists linked to the Saro León Gallery at the international appointment Art Paris, within the line of support to the sector started in 2018 with the creation of the support program for young artists.

Thus, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the Saro León Gallery, three of the creators that it represents: Betsabée Romero, Nira Santana and Eli Cortiñas will visit the twenty-first edition of the important contemporary art fair to be held in the French capital from April 4 to 7, under the sign of women and Latin American art.

The Mexican artist Betsabée Romero, within the initiative to dedicate one of the sections of the fair to Ibero-American art, responds to the intervention that welcomes the thousands of visitors to this important fair in which more than 150 galleries of 20 nationalities will participate and, in its last edition, accounted for 58,789 attendees.

A symbolic goodbye to the car in the big cities is the starting point of Betsabée Romero in the creation that decorates the main entrance of the Grand Palais.

Based in Mexico City, Romero has been working for more than 15 years in the development of a critical discourse on issues such as migration, miscegenation and mobility, through the re-symbolization of everyday symbols and rites of the culture of global consumption, such as automobiles, tattoos, or urban signage.

His speech shows a courtship featuring a set of bicycles as a symbol of a current element that accompanies an outdated car to its final resting place. A vision that results in the idea of ​​a coherent society with environmental policies that reject polluting energies.

As he confesses, it is an important moment in his life and in his career, since he returns to Paris after leaving his School of Fine Arts 30 years ago and does so at the hand of the Saro León Gallery and proposing a reflection on the need to rethink mobility and the concept of the collective versus the individual.

In addition to the proposal to decorate the facade of the building, the Saro León Gallery will participate in the contemporary art fair in Paris with a stand of thirty meters in which the work of the Mexican will be exhibited, as well as the works of different artists from Gran Canaria: Eli Cortiñas and Nira Santana, two creators who explore with their work the theme of the genre and that fits perfectly with the philosophy of one of the sections of the fair, curated by AWARE (Archives of Women Artistes, Research and Exhibitions) that will show 25 projects carried out by French women to offer a subjective and critical view of the creation of women in France.


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