La Cueva Pintada opens a Maps Fest with 37 companies

Daniel Abreu and Dácil González pose with the rest of the 'El Arco' team, together with Carmen Gloria Rodríguez, Rubén Pérez and José Luis Rivero, yesterday, at the Cueva Pintada. / C7

The new performing arts festival includes 17 Canarian productions in its program and 77% of the investment stays on the islands

Victoriano Suarez Alamo

The archaeological site of the Cueva Pintada de Gáldar and contemporary dance. These two seemingly distant ingredients offered a creative pairing last night through the show
'El Arco', with which Daniel Abreu and Dácil GonzálezNational Dance Awards, inaugurated the first edition of the
Fest Maps, an event that until
July 30 develops a wide and varied range of performing arts throughout the Canary archipelago.

This initiative foresees the participation of a total of
37 national and international companies, of which 17 are from the Canary Islands. The various shows over the next two months will take place in 44 venues.

"Programming is
very intense. We even have one day where there are five shows on five different islands.
During these two months there will be shows practically every day on some of the islands», he pointed out this Thursday
Joseph Louis Riverodirector of the Mapas Fest, during the presentation held at the Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park in Gáldar, hours before the premiere of 'El Arco' in the same venue.

Balance with existing activity

Rivero stressed that the Maps Fest arrives to add and not subtract. «
We seek a balance with what already exists and the different possibilities of the territory", he pointed out while making it clear that previous work has been carried out with the
25 municipalities that will host shows so as not to counterprogram against their own cultural commitments.

The Maps Fest is based on "three basic ideas", according to its director. Is about
«the people, the territory and the scene»from which an "eclectic" program will be developed, with a great diversity of themes and formats, which will allow discovering the vision of the artists of a
increasingly complex world and difficult to understand," Rivero clarified.

Spectators will not only be able to enjoy the scheduled shows, they will also be able to attend the
creative processes of most mounts, across the page
festival website:

absolute premieres

Until July 30 will be exhibited
eleven absolute premieresmany of the Canarian companies, as well as proposals from artists and companies from six autonomous communities together with shows created in 15 countries.

Foreign works include
12 that will premiere on the islands nationwideRivero advanced.

Canarian artists will gain much prominence in the Maps Fest. The 17 island companies present mean, according to the director of the event, "a commitment to Canarian talent because there is a lot of talent on the islands." «
Their proposals are at the same level as the national and international ones that we program”, he underlined.

In addition, he pointed out, the organization has encouraged that some proposals involve
artists from the different islands and the
mobility of the Canarian mounts throughout the archipelago.

The impact of investment

From an economic point of view, the impact of the Maps Fest will also affect the economy of the archipelago. «
77% of the investment stays in the archipelagosince work is generated for a total of
85 Canarian companies», he explained
Ruben PerezGeneral Director of Culture of the Government of the Canary Islands, the institution that organizes this event that is part of the 'Canarias en Escena' project.

The total budget amounts, according to Pérez, to
€1.8 million and the part dedicated to the Maps market has been reduced this year by the Regional Executive thanks to the contributions of the
Ministry of Culture and European funds.

A decisive space in the creative process of Daniel Abreu

One of the main bets of the Maps Fest is that a good part of its shows take place in unconventional spaces for the performing arts.

Yesterday's coming-out, with the contemporary dance show 'El Arco', starring Daniel Abreu and Dácil González and created by the former, was already a declaration of principles. To such an extent that the assembly was carried out in the middle of the site, in an area enabled after a study and prior conditioning by the technicians of this institution dependent on the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

Daniel Abreu recognized that when the project was proposed to him, he was already working on the preparation of 'El Arco' to exhibit it on conventional stages. "I had been developing it since September and when they told me about the Cueva Pintada, my childhood came to mind, since I grew up in the caves on the coast of Tenerife, where my family went to spend their days by the sea," recalled the dancer and choreographer. For this reason, he stressed, throughout the creative process he has "kept representation in mind" at the Galician site.

Specifically, his proposal "is born from the earth and from bodies" and from a reflection on bows as "instruments for hunting, for sports and as architectural elements". From there, the viewer witnesses a kind of "couple relationship" that comes to life with Daniel Abreu and Dácil González.

«They are neutral figures, at times we are not even seen, because we are camouflaged. In the rehearsals here in the Cueva Pintada I felt that the work took on all its meaning and that its essence appeared”, confessed Abreu.

Carmen Gloria Rodríguez, director of the Museum and Archaeological Park, stressed that this type of proposal "brings this place to the present, allows us to get to know each other better and generate new possible views."

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