October 21, 2020

La Candelaria faces two outbreaks of Covid with 17 infected patients

One of the outbreaks was located on the Eighth North Floor of the Hospital Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, according to official data that emerged yesterday.  |  lp / dlp

One of the outbreaks was located on the Eighth North Floor of the Hospital Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, according to official data that emerged yesterday. | lp / dlp

He Our Lady of Candelaria University Hospital Complex faces two outbreaks of covid-19, for which 17 people are sick, both healthcare professionals and patients and a relative of one of the latter. The management of the center decreed the closure of the two plants in which such episodes have been discovered, with the impossibility of making new income in them. Infected users have moved to the call “Covid area” from the hospital, while workers remain in isolation at home. Further, visits have been prohibited, as confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

These are the first outbreaks in La Residencia since the “second wave” of the pandemic began. One was located on the Eighth North floor, in the central building. In this space there are patients who require the attention of specialists in Otolaryngology and Neurology. The condition affected 12 people yesterday, including seven health workers, four patients and the relative of an inmate. Both staff and users who have not yet tested positive have undergone screening and PCR tests to analyze the evolution of infections and prevent their proliferation.

Management prohibits visits and orders to prevent new entries in the affected premises

The second outbreak was reported at noon yesterday. In this case, it was located on the 22nd floor of the Hospital de Ofra, which belongs to La Residencia, but is located next to the Hospital Universitario de Canarias. Five infected have been counted: three workers and two patients. Regarding the latter, they are elderly people cared for by specialists in Internal Medicine.

The Management commissioned an investigation to try to know the origin of both outbreaks, although yesterday the possibility that the coronavirus had arrived by “community transmission” was contemplated, that is, that the disease could be introduced by both a patient and a family member or by a worker. In the entire complex, and regardless of the aforementioned outbreaks, there may be, in total, 38 patients and 26 professionals who have tested positive.

The provincial secretary of the Nursing Union (Satse), Ramona Mendoza, affirmed that the situation “worries us all; it is not desirable that something like this happens, and less in a hospital ”. According to Mendoza, at least in the first episode, the affected employees are nurses and assistants. From her perspective, “they are small outbreaks and they are controlled.”

For Mendoza, the staff can also be a source of contagion and, therefore, from the hospital complex, periodic controls are carried out, “and some of us are already on the third.” Regarding the workers, the Satse spokesperson explains that “we are exposed by our work.” But they can also be spread in family gatherings or social gatherings. In the case of patients, there is the possibility that they will enter with other pathologies and then it will be detected that they have covid-19, among other things, because they can be asymptomatic.

PCR is performed in closed spaces to monitor the evolution of new infections

According to this union member, “now there are no nurses in the market”; that is to say, they are looking for professionals in this branch. And the understaffing is addressed by existing workers, who have to double services relatively frequently. Given this reality, Mendoza warns that “this cannot be prolonged in time, because it is exhausting; we have had a difficult year at the healthcare level ”.

Only approved masks

The Management of the University Hospital Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria yesterday issued an internal statement addressed to its staff in which it warns of the obligation to use approved masks by health professionals, users of the center and relatives-companions of patients. The letter states that, “due to the impossibility of knowing both the technical and homologation characteristics of fabric / craft masks, as well as whether they have been used longer than they should without the recommended disinfection, access to the hospital premises wearing this type of mask is prohibited as a measure to control possible intrahospital infections “. In the same text, the Directorate-Management recalls the obligation to wear an approved mask correctly placed during the time spent in the center, in addition to maintaining the fundamental preventive measures. | Pf


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