March 5, 2021

La Cañada Real stands in Puerta del Sol to ask for electricity after two months without supply: “We are getting sick”

Dozens of residents and, above all, residents of Cañada Real have planted themselves in front of the headquarters of the Community of Madrid, in Puerta del Sol, due to the lack of continued electricity supply for 65 days, demanding the same rights from the administrations and Naturgy that the rest of the citizens have because they are “working people” who are “getting sick.”

‘We want to pay for the electricity. Solution now ‘,’ Tired of surviving, we want to live ‘,’ Something is wrong with humanity when we shout for our rights’ or ‘La Cañada is not drug’ are some of the slogans on the banners that have gathered in Sol, accompanied by candles. They demand the return of the electricity supply continuously and permanently.The protest has been called by the Alshorok neighborhood association and Sector 5, the Tabadol association, AMAL (Association of Arab Women Fighters) and the Commission for Light Sector 6.

It was last October 2 when there was a cut in the electricity supply as a result of the connection to the network of groups dedicated to the cultivation of marijuana. It has intermittently left without power the 900 families that currently live in Sector 6 of Cañada Real, the most vulnerable in this area.

Luzma is a neighbor of Sector 6 and a member of AMAL and the Commission. “We have knocked on the door of Naturgy, no explanation. We have knocked on the door of the Community Commissioner, no explanation; at the City Hall, the same. With the Ombudsman, no explanation,” he listed. “We are one more neighborhood, we feel like everyone else, with the right to have a supply at home. We know that drugs are sold in Sector 6 but it is only one kilometer away, in the remaining 5 we are ordinary, working people, who We are getting sick. The children are getting bronchiolitis. There are sick people who are getting worse, who are entering. There are diabetic people who cannot take insulin because the light is off. We have to be making bonfires for the children, “he continued.

“We know that Sector 6 is going to be dismantled but we have a Regional Pact, where it is stated that in the meantime it has to guarantee our basic rights, such as supplies, education, health. What do they want from us? That we leave? we are going to go, in our neighborhood, it is my home, it is my house, no one has given it to me. We want a solution for today, not for tomorrow, “claimed this neighbor from Cañada.

The Community and the Madrid City Council signed the relocation agreement more than two years ago. During this time, a new home has been given to 150 families who lived in the area of ​​the old unpaved cattle track. The process is being very slow. The area of ​​Families, Equality and Social Welfare assures that “the dignity of living conditions is a priority and that happens to reestablish the light”, although two months after the first massive cuts there is still no way out.

The municipal plenary session approved at the end of October the creation of an emergency table, proposed by Más Madrid, to address the situation immediately with social entities and residents. The general director of Primary Care, Community Intervention and Social Emergency, Alejandro López Pérez, assured in mid-November that there was a crash plan to “expedite the police interventions necessary to re-establish supply.” But as of December 3, the Cañada Real is still dark.

“In the long term we find ourselves the same. A mayor (referring to José Luis Martínez-Almeida) who knows the situation, knows what is happening in Cañada and does nothing and the president of the Community (Isabel Díaz Ayuso) also and it is not taking measures that could save the lives of these people, “remarked councilor Pilar Sánchez in statements to Europa Press.

In the middle of the demonstration, the tennis player Rafael Nadal has arrived at the headquarters of the regional government and has been received, from the Gate by the regional president. In the background the neighbors of the Cañada Real could be heard shouting for light.


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