La Cámara Roja, OBK and Siloé join the Gran Canaria Sum Festival

La Cámara Roja, OBK and Siloé join the Gran Canaria Sum Festival


The Gran Canarian palms

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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The Gran Canaria SUM Festival It will experience its fifth edition in 2024 and the organization has already announced the dates of its celebration, October 4 and 5in addition to announcing some of the members of the artist lineup.

After announcing the British duo Soft Cell As the first confirmed musical group, Gran Canaria SUM Festival has presented five new groups in a press release in advance of the next edition, to which more artists will join. Thus, it is already known that OBK, Siloé, The Red Room, Shinova and Sexy Xebras They will also be part of an artistic poster that will celebrate in style the first five years of life of a festival that has established itself as one of the main artistic exhibitions of the archipelago.

The organization of the event has already announced that for this anniversary the festival will lead a new qualitative leap that will enhance the brand both in social growth and in economic and tourist return for the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and for the entire island.

Tickets can now be purchased through the website