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La Cajasiete Gran Canaria Maratn, seventh best in Spain - The Province

La Cajasiete Gran Canaria Maratn, seventh best in Spain - The Province

The organizers of the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon, since their arrival in 2015, they are taking care of every detail of the test. The care of their treatment has not gone unnoticed by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA), which placed the island race in the seventh position of his most recent annual ranking of 42K competitions.

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The federative organ takes into account when making your ranking aspects as diverse as the organizational capacity, the age of the test, the sport level of the competition or the number of finisher, among other things. All this led to the Canarian test to add 345 points.

Francisco Armas, manager of the Business Union (UTE) that organizes the Marathon, said he feels "very happy" for such an honor. "There is no doubt that in these years we have worked to achieve a better marathon and the numbers say it, we started three years ago in the 11th position and now the Federation has cataloged us as the seventh marathon in Spain. these lines knowing that there is a long way to go to improve positions, the reality is that we are quite satisfied with this result, "said the president.

Ángel Víctor Torres, counselor sports of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, also congratulated by the trajectory of a Gran Canaria Marathon that besides consecrating evolves in each edition. "We are a few weeks away from the celebration of the X Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon and the Spanish Athletics Federation publishes which are the best marathons in Spain and Gran Canaria Marathon gets its best score in its history, the seventh best in our country. We had never been in that position. We started three years ago and we were above the top ten in Spain. ", Said the counselor.

The sporting level of the Cajasiete, in the 2017 campaign, he was his great supporter and he prevailed with 210 points. The RFEA gives 50 to each man to get off the two hours and 15 minutes, and to women who stop the clock before two hours and 35 minutes. The records of Mathew Kipsaat, winner of the test (2:13:28); of his immediate persecutor, Stanley Kiprotich (2:14:22); and of the champion Hilary Kipkogel (2:16:39) were awarded with 150 points.

Pharis Kimani (2:15:41) and Josephat Kipkorir (2:19:27) propitiated 40 more points between the two athletes because they were within the two hours and twenty minutes required by the national federation to reward the test, although there were no runners who stopped the clock before two hours and 40 minutes that allowed scratching more.

Also, highlight the meritorious careers of Moses Moi (2:20:17) and Julius Kipkorir (2:20:20) that gave ten more points each for entering within two hours and 25 minutes requested by the entity that chairs Raúl Chapado, the RFEA.

For the Athletics Federation is important in sport continuity and the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon held its eighth edition, which paid him ten more points for each year that the race was played and this provided 80.

La Cajasiete had 1046 marathon runners who finished the race, finisher, and the RFEA gives one point for every 20 that they finish. The accumulated of the island test rose another 52. And is that the Marathon not only goes to break records but also tries to overcome in the adversities and this was awarded by the federal entity.

The last three points that round the 345 awarded to the island's 42K come from having Spanish athletes located at the top of the national ranking. And it is that to have fondistas like the Lanzarote Aroa Merino, fourth in the LXXIX Championship of Spain of absolute Marathon disputed in Seville in 2016, gave his returns.

The Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon consolidates edition after edition and tries to correct errors. This allows the RFEA not to penalize it for its organizational capacity and may prosper. Proof of this is that the entity that runs Chapado placed the Canarian test two years before in the ninth place, but over time surpassed the Bilbao Night Marathon and the City of Malaga Marathon to achieve its best classification. While in 2014 he was in the eleventh.

The evidence of the improvement is reflected in a notorious way even more in the annual classification carried out by the International Athletics Federation. The IAAF places this year at 101 of its table at Cajasiete and gives it 8162 points. The Italian Ravenna Marathon and Treviso Marathon tests him before, with just 29 more points. The Gran Canaria Marathon occupied the position 119 a year earlier and the rectors of the race will try in the tenth edition to follow its climb.

Ángel Víctor Torres explained: "The International Federation places the Gran Canaria Marathon 101 of the best marathons in the world, we have improved almost 20 positions, it is a great news for the sports promotion, tourism of the island of Gran Canaria and an excellent door for the tenth edition that will be special. "


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