Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

La Caixa gathers 84,200 liters of milk – La Provincia

The solidarity action No child without a mustache, promoted by the Obra Social La Caixa and CaixaBank in favor of the Food Bank of Las Palmas, has collected 84,173 liters of milk in the province of Las Palmas, which will contribute to supplying vulnerable families. The amount collected will supply 7,014 boys and girls from Las Palmas by the end of the year. The solidarity action is promoted jointly with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (Fesbal). The Food Bank of Las Palmas will deliver the milk to social entities in the province. These entities will distribute milk among minors at risk of social exclusion and their families.

In total, the solidarity action has raised more than 2.5 million liters of milk, 60% more than the previous year. In the first three weeks of the campaign, the large milk collection has already exceeded the figure reached in the last edition of 1.5 million liters. Also, on June 8, the daily collection record was broken in a case of fund-raising of the La Caixa Social Work, with the equivalent of 130,344 liters in a single day.

The Social Work made an initial contribution of 200,000 liters of milk and with which it started the collection. CaixaBank, for its part, has placed its network of 4,000 offices at the service of the campaign, which have been disseminated to ensure that citizens join the collection through micro-donations.

In addition, to achieve greater reach, the financial institution has made all its digital channels – grouped in CaixaBankNow – available to citizens and has enabled donations through the sending of SMS. The 60 senior centers of the Social Work of the whole territory have also joined the physical delivery of milk cartons.

More than 234 social entities have contributed to the collection of milk, with the help of 806 volunteers from La Caixa, who have collaborated through 535 satellite activities and dedicating more than 1,324 hours to develop the corresponding volunteer tasks.

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