Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

La Bonoloto plays in Gran Canaria - La Provincia

La Bonoloto plays in Gran Canaria - La Provincia

Gran Canaria, land of leprechauns. An island administration has validated a second category ticket (5 hits plus the complementary) lottery of the Bonoloto, celebrated this Wednesday, April 10, as reported Lotteries and State Bets.

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Specifically, it has been in the administration, number 1, of Calle Alcalde Suárez Franchy, 14, in the Gran Canaria municipality of Arucas.

The lucky will receive a total of 60,384.04 euros.

The lucky combination It has been 01-10-14-33-39-44. The refund has fallen in the 20 and the complementary one in the 7.

The ticket It was also sold in Valencia, Cádiz and Navarra.

There were no first-class winners.

Of third category 121 winners who won 794.13 each.

The total raffle collection amounted to 2,620,357.50 euros.


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