May 13, 2021

'La banda', by Miki, Spain song for Eurovision 2019 | TV

'La banda', by Miki, Spain song for Eurovision 2019 | TV

Miki will go to Eurovision 2019. The excorcunsante of OT 2018 will represent Spain in the musical competition that will be held in Tel Aviv in mid-May with the song La Venda. With this theme, the 22-year-old from Barcelona has been chosen by the public in a gala broadcast on Sunday on TVE that has gathered all the candidates. The winning theme, with 34%, of the votes is composed by Adriá Salas, and his election has been a surprise, since, although it sounded like one of the favorites of the public since it was presented a little over a month ago, it had a strong competition ahead. For example, bite me, by María Villar, who headed all the predictions; or even I can not anymore, the theme of the winner of OT, Famous, which also seemed popular at the start of the gala but has ended up being seventh with 5% of the votes.

Miki had not come to win OT and in fact your choice drag a controversy: when the subjects were divided among the contestants of the talent, there were three who were left without music and others, like him, had more than one.

Spain will go to the largest live music festival in the world: it will be seen with another 41 countries, one less than last year -Bulgaria will not attend the contest because, it has alleged, economic reasons-. The edition, which this year has the theme Dare to dream (Dare to dream), will have a semifinal on May 14 and another 16, as announced by the European Broadcasting Union (UER). Spain does not participate in this phase. As always, it will go directly to the final of May 18, since it belongs to the Big 5, the group of five countries that has privileges in the contest for their contributions to the EBU.


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