La 1 premieres 'The night of the hunters' and Santi Millán goes on adventures in 'Planeta Calleja'

This Monday, January 17, starting at 10:10 p.m. TVE premieres 'The night of the hunters'. Space for questions and answers in which several anonymous contestants face, individually, the most iconic faces that have participated in the best television contests in Spain. In the opening round, participants must add the maximum amount of money to their personal jackpot by correctly answering questions that have multiple answer options. In the final round, the contestant decides how many hunters they are going to challenge themselves against at one time. The more you choose, the greater the economic prize that you can choose but, at the same time, the greater the difficulty.

Telecinco faces the final stretch of 'The Temptations Debate' from 10:00 p.m. Tania, Rosario, and Zoe, the four protagonists who completed the experience of 'The island of temptations', come to the set to star in the first live bonfire in the history of the format in Spain, in which they see unpublished images of what they experienced in the Dominican Republic and answer the questions posed by Sandra Barneda, the collaborators and the relatives of their couples at that time. In addition, the program broadcasts the interviews that Sandra Barneda conducted with Sabela, Miriam and Stiven, the favorite bachelors of Álvaro, Nico and Tania, respectively, after witnessing how the three protagonists decided to leave alone at the final bonfires. In this sense, it also offers images of the explanations that Tania offered to Stiven. Also on the set is Rosana, who explains how she feels about the fact that Nico opted for Miriam and why she got carried away with Álvaro and Sabela. Finally, the space broadcasts five exclusive previews of the reunion of the protagonists six months after the experience and enables three surveys on that allow followers to choose their favorite collaborator, who can exclusively see the arrival of all the couples to the reunion and discover at what point in their relationship one of them appears.

Antenna 3 will continue to bet on 'innocent' from 10:45 p.m. Han doesn't know with whom to deal with his problems, as he is enraged by the intimacy between İnci and Barış. He mobilizes everyone for the preparations to ask for wisdom, and finally the whole family gathers and goes to Memduh's house. Gulben and Neriman, taking advantage of İnci's new job celebration dinner, make different plans. However, when everyone is away, something Hikmet does in secret causes a major crisis. This crisis causes Han to make a radical decision. Han's fait accompli drives Safiye to the point of insanity. Naci says that Han will do whatever he wants with the treatment. However, there is a condition.

Four receives Santi Millán in 'Alley Planet' at 10:45 p.m. Seven years after climbing the Matterhorn in ''Desafío Extremo'', the presenter of ''Got Talent España'' Santi Millán travels again with Jesús Calleja, this time to the African continent, to search for the most remote ethnic groups in the south of Ethiopia.

the sixth opt for the cinema with 'In the mind of the assassin' from 10:30 p.m. Alex, police detective and psychologist, is investigating the strange signs of members of a criminal gang. Everything seems to indicate that it is a reckoning between gangsters but as the details become known, the crimes begin to look suspiciously like other previous deaths attributed to a serial killer named Sullivan. When Alex gets too close to the killer, he will react by killing his wife Maria and threatening to do the same to their children. Alex, you must use every method at your disposal to catch Sullivan before it's too late.


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