October 21, 2020

Kyrgios’s “confession” about his mockery of Nadal: “Guilles’s was better, I don’t wear underpants”

Nadal, Federer or Djokovic are always protagonists, but Kyrgios is being one of the protagonists of the Australian Open because he plays at home and because the fans believe that the time has come for him to be one of the aspirants to win a Grand Slam: “I’m In the third round, I am not waiting or dreaming of anything else, there are too many that I have left to do. I am not even thinking of winning a Grand Slam right now, I just want to improve day by day on and off the court. My behavior towards me box Tonight I know it was not acceptable, so my goal is to solve this for my next game. I am not thinking of winning a Grand Slam, it is not essential for me at the moment, “he said after his match with Simon.

Kyrgios is trying to keep his head cool, not to get carried away by his “soon”, although when something happens that reminds him of Nadal, he jumps. In his last game, he was given a warning for taking out and he made fun of Nadal, imitating the gestures made by the Spaniard and the time he leaves, before the laughter of the chair judge and the rival, Guilles Simon. Then, he made another gesture: to take off his underwear, also very Nadal, while Kyrgios was split. The Australian was asked about that and, seriously, at the press conference, he replied: “I don’t know which imitation of Nadal was better. Maybe that of Guilles Simon, because I don’t wear briefs”, He said, to the laughter of some journalists.

Nadal, meanwhile, said he didn’t care, that he had gone to play tennis and that if it was fun, well, everything was fine.

It is a story that may not be over yet.


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