March 6, 2021

Kyrgios refuses to apologize to Nadal after throwing a ball to the body in Wimbledon

In a moment of the second round match at Wimbledon, Nadal went up to the net and Kyrgios threw the ball hard to the body. Rafa reacted quickly and put the racket to avoid the impact. Anyway, he gave a look to the rival who said it all. He had not liked the gesture of the Australian, who after the meeting was asked if he wanted to apologize to the Spanish for this action.

His response was not wasted, at the height of his character. "Why should I apologize? Did I hit him?" He hit him with the racket and I won the point, "I do not care, I do not have to apologize," said the aussie, who joked with the seconds that Manacor took between service and service. "It takes very little," he said.

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