July 29, 2021

Kuwait announces death by torrential rains after resignation of minister

Kuwait announces death by torrential rains after resignation of minister

The Government of Kuwait announced the death of a person due to the torrential rains that have hit the country since Friday, the day in which the Kuwaiti minister of Public Works resigned due to bad management in the face of this "unprecedented" meteorological phenomenon, said today. state agency KUNA.

The Ministry of Interior of the country said in a brief statement that "due to extreme weather conditions there has been only one death", without giving further details.

Last Friday and "as a result of unprecedented heavy rains in Kuwait," the Kuwaiti Minister of Public Works, Hossan al Roumi, resigned for "the damage caused to the property of citizens and expatriates."

He showed "his deep regret" for the material damages, said the owner in his letter of resignation, reproduced by KUNA.

The agency reported that the weather will improve this Sunday and last until Tuesday in the Gulf country, although rain is expected to return on Wednesday.

Torrential rains have been recorded since last Thursday in several countries in the Middle East region, where the most affected has been Jordan, where at least 12 people have been killed by floods in the south of the country.

In addition, thousands of people have been evacuated in the Hashemite kingdom by heavy rains, including tourists who were in the monumental city of Petra that, according to official sources, has not suffered material damage.


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