April 16, 2021

Kusama’s long-awaited show at the New York Botanical Garden opens a year late

New York, Apr 8 (EFE) .- The long-awaited show by the Japanese Yayoi Kusama at the New York Botanical Garden, which explores in depth the artist’s fascination with nature, will finally open its doors this Saturday after a year late due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The exhibition, “KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature”, will be installed in the more than 100 hectares of the New York Botanical Garden and includes four new experiences designed by the popular Japanese artist, 92, who will debut in this green space in the Bronx.

With the exhibition, the New York Botanist wants to show the fascination that he has felt during his 92 years of life for nature and the infinite ways in which he has manifested it.

“Nature is not only its central source of inspiration, but it is an integral part of the visceral effects of Kusama’s artistic language, in which organic growth and proliferation of life are always present,” the curator explained in a statement. of the sample, Mika Yoshitake.

Running through October 31, “Cosmic Nature” includes pieces that traverse Kusama’s prolific professional career, including multiple outdoor installations, such as monumental sculptures that transform the landscape of the botanical gardens.

Its iconic polka dot pumpkins will also be featured in the Bronx, as well as colorful flower paintings, complemented by new works appearing in public for the first time.

Among them, “Flower Obsession” (2017/2021), a greenhouse full of flowers; “Dancing Pumpkin” (2020), a large yellow and black sculpture of a pumpkin with long legs that appear to be in motion; or “I Want to Fly to the Universe”, another large sculpture, this 4 meters high and organically shaped.

In addition, it will be possible to see a new piece of mirrors by Kusama, one of the artist’s most popular formats, with the “Infinity Mirrored Room – Illusion Inside the Heart” (2020), a cube that reflects all the flora of which it is surrounded.

The exhibition will change with the different seasons of the year, since it will be surrounded by tulips or lilies in spring, dahlias or sunflowers in summer, and pumpkins in autumn.


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