Kurdish forces repel an IS attack and kill 19 jihadists in eastern Syria

Kurdish forces repel an IS attack and kill 19 jihadists in eastern Syria

The Democratic Syrian Forces (FSD), an alliance of mainly Kurdish militias, today repelled an attack by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in the northeastern province of Deir al Zur, and killed 19 of its fighters, the Syrian Observatory said. Human rights.

The NGO said in a statement that the attack was aimed at the city of Hayin, located in the east of Deir al Zur and that the FSDs have snatched almost completely the radical group, which still has a presence east of the Euphrates River in this region. from Syria.

Likewise, a group of jihadists carried out simultaneous attacks against militia positions on the fronts located near the towns of Al Susa, Al Saafa, Al Baguz and Al Kashma, the last territories controlled by the IS.

The Observatory, whose headquarters are in London but has a large network of informants in the field, added that there were also casualties in the ranks of the FSD, but did not specify the number of victims.

In addition, he stressed that this is the first attack by the radical group since the beginning of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, which President Donald Trump announced this week, assuring that the IS had been defeated in this country.

The FSDs have received in the past years the support on the ground of the US troops. and of the planes of the coalition led by Washington in its fight against the jihadists in the north and east of Syria, where they have wrested large areas from the IS.

On the other hand, the Observatory assured that government forces are sending reinforcements east of Deir al Zur and thousands of uniformed and armed men loyal to Damascus were sent west of the Euphrates River.

According to the NGO, the forces are concentrated in the two strategic cities of Al Bukamal and Al Madayin, former IS fiefdoms near the Iraqi border and currently controlled by the Army and its allies.


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