Koeman, sent off two games and De Jong, one

An image of Ronald Koeman on the Barcelona bench.

An image of Ronald Koeman on the Barcelona bench.

The Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) imposed two suspension matches on the Barcelona coach, Ronald Koeman, expelled with direct red at the end of the game against Cádiz, and one against the player Frenkie De Jong, who received two yellows in the same match.

Competition has dismissed the allegations of the Barcelona in defense of both the coach and De Jong and also the captain Sergio Busquets, who was cautioned for throwing a ball towards an opponent when there were two balls at the end of the match (m.96) on the pitch, according to the referee's report.

According to the Committee, the club has not proven "as it should the existence of a manifest material error" and in its allegations of the expulsion of Koeman "it accepts, at least partially, the drafting of the minutes, and tries to justify the action of the coach stating, without proving it, that he addressed the referee in a calm and respectful way ".

According to the minutes of the Madrid referee Carlos Del Cerro Grande, Koeman was sent off for "protesting the fourth official in an ostensible way, with his arms raised, loudly and leaving the technical area in the following terms: "hey, the referee has to whistle, the referee has to whistle !, ostia, he has to whistle!", being previously warned by the fourth official to cease his conduct. "

Manifest material error, according to Barça

Barça claimed the existence of a manifest material error and although he admitted that Koeman went to the fourth official to ask him to stop the game as there were two balls in the field, and that the nervousness of the moment "could lead the coach to raise his arms or raise his voice", and that he did Without disrespecting or offending their work or that of the match referee.

In the case of Frenkie de Jong, who saw the second yellow card in the 64th minute -4 minutes after the first-, for "knocking down an opponent in the dispute for the ball in a reckless way", according to the minutes, Barça refuted that the player's action was reckless.

"The material error, in the opinion of the club, would derive from the erroneous application of the IFAAB rule of the game regarding recklessness. However, in the opinion of this Competition Committee, there would not be sufficient proof of the alleged manifest material error ", indicates the resolution.

Nor did Competition consider the allegations to the warning to Sergio Busquets, reprimanded for "throwing a second ball that was inside the field of play towards an opponent who was in possession of the ball, impacting the additional ball on the opponent and interfering in the game ".

The club defended the existence of an error in the record by attributing to the player "the intention to hit the opponent", but the Committee responded that the record does not refer to intentionality, so there is not enough proof of the alleged manifest material error.


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