Koeman: “My relationship with Laporta? I’m not going to answer that”

The coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Ronald Koeman.

The coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Ronald Koeman.

There will be a last press conference but the appearance of Ronald Koeman Before the duel against Atlético he had a funereal look that the coach could not dispel. Despite appearing with a smile, greeting with the expression “remembering Van Gaal, good morning friends of the press” and later clarifying: “I’m not leaving, I’m staying.”

It doesn’t look like he’s going to stay long. “I have ears and eyes, I know that many things are filtered and they will surely be true,” he added, alluding to the meeting between Joan Laporta and several journalists at an awards show Thursday. The president went to the sports city this Friday, but did not meet with the coach, who was preparing the game against Atlético, as he stressed. “My relationship with Laporta? I’m not going to answer that,” replied Koeman, who is “fed up with having to defend myself.” But one day he will: “I would like to speak one day and speak well of what I think.”

“I’m sick of having to defend myself. I would like to speak one day and speak well of what I think”

The coach is also jaded, considering that he is disrespectful. He has not specified who, but it is easy to deduce: from the leadership and from the media. Koeman regrets that the situation of the Barça and the team. “We have assumed changes by the club,” he said, referring to the forced marches of players like Griezmann and Messi for economic reasons. “If he had the money bag, Messi would still be here.”

Koeman feels condemned, and emotionally, he confessed, “could be better.” He did answer a typical farewell question, as he detected and recognized, about the best and worst moment of his stay at Barça: “The moment of signing and the departure of Messi“.

“For the love of the club”

He signed “for the love of the club” and aware of the many difficulties he would encounter when fulfilling his dream. It began by firing four illustrious staff; among them Luis Suárez, who has not yet digested his departure and will be a motivated rival this Saturday, as Griezmann. “It seems that the situation is more complicated now”, observed Koeman, by the rarefied atmosphere that surrounds to him and the results. Barça has only won 3 of the 8 games played.

He could not appear a worse rival than the Athletic, of which he highlighted the virtues that led him to be League champion: the effectiveness in the auction, the defensive organization and his competitiveness. Barça, on the other hand, is not close to the ideal that Koeman would like due to the limitations of the squad. The Dutch coach believes, however, that if he had the injured forwards (Ansu Fati has returned, but Ousmane Dembélé and Sergio Agüero will take until the end of October), the outlook would change substantially. It is unknown if he will still be on the Camp Nou bench to see it.


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