March 4, 2021

Know the customer in your store as if you were on the internet | Innovation

It is to open a tab in the browser and feel a pair of digital eyes nailed to the nape. And no wonder: the internet gives companies the opportunity to monitor virtually all the movements that users make while visiting their web pages.

They can know from which device they navigate, the time they spend seeing their articles, which they pay more attention to and recommending other products that people with similar interests have bought.. In most cases, if they are registered, the recommendations take into account the gender and age of the consumer and, of course, their previous visits.

The personalization of the digital space allows you to know the customer like never before and take advantage of this knowledge to offer products adapted to your needs and, in short, sell more. But what happens when the buyer turns off the mobile and moves to the store?

Ladorian is a Spanish startup that offers physical stores audiovisual content that vary according to the behavior of their customers. It went on the market in 2016, although its founders had spent two years before working on the development of the idea.

"In online stores it has reached a level of tremendous sophistication that is lost when we go to offline", Warns Alejandro Gutiérrez-Bolívar, executive director of the company. "We are born of this reflection, of asking ourselves how to make the communication channels of the physical space connect with the consumer and be able to measure the effectiveness of that impact".

The company has about 50 employees and works in four countries, although they hope to open in three more before the end of the year. Its technology is present in about 3,000 points of sale, mainly in large chains such as Domino's Pizza, Knee, Visionlab and Dia.

The startup It uses proprietary software to collect information about the time customers spend in the store and how they interact with the products. Analyze the sales history to understand the hours when you buy more items and mix this information with the one they collect from other data sources that allow them to know if there is a lot of traffic on the street or if it is raining to know how these factors can influence the behavior of consumers. They also use facial recognition systems to know their gender and approximate age.

In online stores it has reached a level of tremendous sophistication that is lost when we go to offline

On the other hand, they generate content for the companies with which they work and make content agreements with third parties to have a catalog of the most varied. "In addition to brand content, we have musical environments, but also clips that talk about nature, alternative sports and social issues, and information about time and CO2 levels," says Gutiérrez-Bolívar.

Based on the understanding that reach the users of the store, take advantage of channels already established at the physical point of sale to carry out their work. Ladorian displays the content through monitors and public address, which is placed in a reproduction queue that is modified in real time according to the parameters analyzed. They even use the machine that prints the purchase tickets to add information to the receipt.

"We can analyze affinity in the products. If the people who buy bread tend to buy butter, we can offer a discount in butter to those who only buy bread, and that this promotion appears on their purchase ticket, "ventures the entrepreneur.

In case it has not been clear so far: Ladorian uses artificial intelligence to offer the client information that may be useful based on data such as gender, age, the busiest areas of the establishment, the sales history of the store and the time it makes on the street. Little joke

The work of Ladorian not only affects the content that they emit: it is also useful to the stores, facilitating their decision-making. The startup it calculates that the sales of a company improve 30% in the first months that use their technology and, thanks to the automatic learning, the system can improve 20% his yield.

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