Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

KlasJet says that the Zalguiris Kaunas plane's landing followed all safety protocols

KlasJet says that the Zalguiris Kaunas plane's landing followed all safety protocols

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The KlasJet company denies that the flight on which the Zalguiris Kaunas basketball team was traveling last Friday made an emergency landing, since the aircraft landed without any inconvenience strictly following aviation security and protection protocols.

Since KlasJet have ensured that all aircraft of the company are thoroughly inspected before takeoff, both the exterior and all internal systems, under the regulations of maintenance and operations of more stringent aircraft.

Thus, the company explains that after takeoff from the Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas airport, the pilots of the plane detected an electronic failure in the aircraft and, following the mandatory aviation safety and security regulations, EASA, made the decision to return to the airport. . Aviation security is a matter of absolute priority, they have assured, so the decision to land to review the electrical systems should not be questioned.

Due to the unfavorable weather conditions, with abundant clouds and wind, landing again at the main airport would have been more complicated and interfered with the landing of the remaining scheduled flights. Therefore, the decision was made to land at a less crowded airport and with a geographical location in which the weather conditions allowed a correct landing.

"We categorically deny the speculations that have published different media and we want to make it clear that an emergency landing was not made. Proof of this are the instructions (the emergency protocol was not activated at any time) that the crew and the captain of the ship gave to the passengers during the landing, which was carried out without problems, at the Getafe airport ", explains Justinas Bulka, CEO of KlasJet.

"Once the landing was completed, the aircraft was thoroughly inspected and the electronic systems were re-established. Likewise, and in compliance with the regulations on aviation security, additional tests have also been carried out on the ship to ratify its perfect condition that complies with all protection regulations, "says Bulka.


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