Kiplimo and Kosgei break records

Kiplimo and Kosgei break records

The Ugandan Jacob Kiplimo and the Kenyan Brigid Kosgei broke the records of the San Silvestre Vallecana with respective marks of 26:41 and 29:54 in the 54 edition of the populous Madrid race of 10 kilometers, which brought together 42,500 runners between popular and international events.

With only 18 years old, Kiplimo registered for the first time the name of Uganda in the history of the Vallecana, and he did it by breaking a record that seemed unbeatable, which established the Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge in 2011 with 26:54.

Great dominator of the Spanish cross campaign with wins in Atapuerca, Soria and Alcobendas, Kiplimo extended his Spanish hegemony with a great exhibition in the twists and turns of the Vallecas neighborhood, on the way to the Rayo stadium.

The Aragonese Toni Abadía, who ran with a purple ribbon in memory of Laura Luelmo, recently murdered in El Campillo (Huelva), came out front with the Africans in the first kilometers, in search of his third podium.

But Kiplimo was the one who set the pace (6:38 for the second thousand) and before halfway, he covered in 13:12 taking advantage of the descendant profile, and was left alone with the Ethiopian Abadi Hadis, three years older and with brand staff of 26:59 in the 10,000. Abadía had stayed behind along with Chiqui Pérez.

The race was going to be resolved in the eternal deep duel between Kenya and Ethiopia, but there was no color. Kiplimo got the direct to penetrate the neighborhood of Vallecas, coinciding with the hardest part of the test, the last two kilometers.

In the presentation of the race, this Sunday, he had promised that if he had to beat the 28 minute mark (his personal mark was 28:17 in 10K), he would.

Hadis crossed under the goal banner at 26:54 and another Ugandan, Mande Bushendich, completed the podium at 27:24.

Chiqui Pérez and Abadía resolved to go hand in hand under the banner, sixth and seventh with the same record of 28:16. Then came the Madrid Fernando Carro, current runner-up in Europe of 3,000 m obstacles, with 28:44.

Despite his youth, Kiplimo is not the youngest winner of the Madrid classic at the end of the year, because that honor belongs to the Ethiopian Hagos Gebrhiet, who won in 2011 with 17 years.

Female winner

The organizers hoped to also beat the record of the women's event, held by the Ethiopian Gelete Burka with 30:53, and for that purpose asked the favorites a step of 15:15 by the equator of the race.

Ethiopian Olympic and world multi-champion Tirunesh Dibaba was not in the fight for the triumph. He already warned that his current preparation is aimed at the marathon and did not start with the rhythm that marked the Kenyan Helen Obiri, in his first 10K, and Brigid Kosgei, winner two years ago in Vallecas.

The experience was a decisive factor in favor of the latter, who knew well the hardness of the last effort. Kosgei won with a record time of 29:54, five seconds faster than Obiri, world champion and Olympic runner-up of 5,000 meters on track, who debuted in a 10,000 on asphalt.

Spanish athletics continues without knowing the victory in the men's Vallecana race since Chema Martínez won in 2003, and in women since 2008, when Palencia Marta Dominguez won the last of her three wins.

José Antonio Diego / EFE

San Silvestre popular

On the other hand, Jaouad El Bissis, 35 years old, Moroccan resident in the Toledo town of Chozas de Canales since 2006 and belonging to the Inm club. Teo Valdepeñas, won this Monday in the popular San Silvestre Vallecana.

Two and a half hours before the elite athletes decided the triumph in the international race, a dark mass -the black color of the official shirt-, was launched in successive waves, every 15 minutes, to travel the 10 km between the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and the Vallecas stadium.

The Castilian-La Mancha David Bascuñana, 23, winner of the popular race in 2016, linked with the two fugitives – Alex Jimenez and Jaouad El Bissis – in the second kilometer to form a trio in the lead but could not stand the pace marked by the Moroccan and went down in the fourth km.

El Bissis continued to impose its rhythm, with Jiménez, a local policeman from Alcobendas who trains with Antonio Serrano, always behind him.

At the end of the descent of the avenue City of Barcelona, ​​El Bissis left Jiménez stuck and opened a gap that left no doubt about the outcome. It was imposed with a time of 29:31, record of the test in this category. The Spaniard repeated second place, a year later, with 29:39, and completed the Bascuñana podium with 30:06.

Among the women, the Madrid-born Helena García Escudero won with 34:58, followed, as in 2017, by Marta Borrajo (35:16) and Claudia Gómez (35:26). The Romanian Cristina Giurcanu, winner the previous year, stayed this time at the gates of the podium, fourth with a time of 35:42. AND


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