Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Kipchoge, in time in Vienna, to lose two hours in a marathon, in the Ineos challenge

The Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge is within the time to run a marathon for the first time below two hours after completing the first 30 kilometers of the test.

The fondista, marathon world record (2h01: 39), is the solo protagonist of a tailor-made race, "Ineos 1.59", in which he has external aids not allowed by the International Athletics Federation and, therefore , your brand will not be approved.

The race started at 06.15 GMT with worse weather conditions than initially calculated, with fog and humidity of 90%, which increased wear.

Kipchoge runs with a windproof vehicle that sets the pace to beat the legendary wall of two hours and escorted by a team of '41 hares' of first level that are taking turns in the supports.

To beat the legendary two-hour barrier Kipchoge hopes to run from the beginning at a steady pace of 2 minutes 50 seconds per kilometer. That means doing every 100 meters in 17 seconds. An average of more than 21 kilometers per hour.

Although it is not an official world record, running at such a brutal pace and tearing apart the two-hour wall will allow Kipchoge to have a place in the Olympus of sport deities.

The African athlete has assured that this race, despite not being official, is more important than the record he achieved last year in Berlin because breaking the two-hour barrier will allow him to enter history and inspire an entire generation.

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