May 12, 2021

Kindle Kids Edition: Amazon launches children's version – La Provincia

Amazonwill put on sale on October 30 the newKindle Kids Edition, a new version of your ebook (eReader) directed especially for children, whichdoes not have internet access or applicationsIt is designed exclusively for reading.

The company wanted to make it clear on the product page that it is a book, it does not have an internet connection, however it hasa very wide range of classic titles and the latest hits, such as 'Harry Potter'.

When you buy this new Kindle, belonging to the tenth generation of Amazon eReaders, it is included un year of Amazon Free Time Unlimited, which makes available to the reader more thanthousand books of different levelsReading.

As designed for children, Amazon has incorporateda personalized cover and facilities for parental control. Through their mobile phones, parents will be able to see the progress their children take from the book and the advances they make each day.

In addition Kindle Kids Edition incorporates tools that will help children read books of a higher level, through the 'Vocabulary Builder', a function that collects the words searched in the dictionary and then creates some cards with the definition and examples of words.

The other tool that it incorporates is 'Word Wise', which provides small definitions of the most complicated words in an automatic way so as not to have to be constantly interrupting the reading.

Havea two year warrantyin which Amazon ensures that if it breaks they replace it with a completely new one.This product is currently not available in Spain, as Amazon explains on its international sales page.

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