September 27, 2020

Kim Jong-un could hold his first summit with Putin next week

Kim Jong-un could hold his first summit with Putin next week

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, could hold what would be his first summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin next week if the latter travels to the Russian Far East, the South Korean agency Yonhap said today.

"It is possible that President Putin will make a trip to the Far East region around April 24. There is a reasonably high possibility that a summit between Russia and North Korea will be held around that time," a source told Yonhap. who asked to remain anonymous.

The aforementioned source added that Putin is expected to move to the Russian Far East, region bordering the North Korean territory, before or after attending the forum on the New Chinese Silk Road to be held in Beijing on April 26 and 27 .

In the last weeks the expectation has grown for both leaders to celebrate what would be their first summit before the reciprocal trips of high officials from both sides after the failure of the summit in Hanoi on denuclearization between North Korea and the United States .

The considered chief of Cabinet of Kim Jong-un and in charge of logistics for his trips abroad, Kim Chang-son, traveled to Moscow and the Russian eastern coastal city of Vladivostok (firm candidate to host the summit Kim-Putin) between 19 and on March 25.

In turn, Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev visited Pyonyang just two weeks ago.

A meeting between the two leaders could represent a step forward for Russia in the current approach of Pyongyang with the international community and have its weight in the talks between North Korea and the US. to denuclearize the Kim regime.

The disagreement in Hanoi revolved around the number of North Korean arms assets to be dismantled and the volume of sanctions that the United States would alleviate as a "corresponding measure".

Washington, which advocated that the North dismantle its missiles and chemical and biological weapons (in addition to nuclear weapons) before granting concessions, considered insufficient what was offered by Pyongyang, which called for the lifting of much of the sanctions in exchange for disabling its center. Yongbyon nuclear research.


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